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America’s Next Top Model 12: The Models Travel To Brazil

April 22, 2009 07:47 PM by Britteny Elrick

America's Next Top Model

Tonight the remaining models will be heading down south to Brazil, where they will be challenged in new and interesting ways. The girls will have to learn artistic, martial arts posing techniques to help them in their America’s Next Top Modelphotoshoot. And whobetter to have the girlsimitate than Carmen Miranda, the Chiquita banana lady? Find out which model’s vacation will be cut short…

Fo feels betrayed that Teyona didn’t pick her last week when she won the challenge. The girls awake in Sao Paulo,Brazil, where they aremetby Fernanda Motta – the host of Brazil’s Next Top Model. She gives them cards with a clue in them and they have to find the favorite flower of The Girl from Ipanema. Fo and Natalie are the first team to arrive at the final destination. There is a live band playing the song and out comes the actual girl behind the song. She tells them it’s important to be graceful in their posing, and she also gives them the key to their new pad.

The models explore their new amazinghouse. Fo and Natalie get their prize from winning the challenge, which is $5,000 swarovski crystal flip flops. The girls get a message from Tyra saying “fight or flight, you better give me both.” The next day they arrive on the street to find a group of martial arts street performers. The models are taught different strong posing shapes and techniques. They take turns practicing with each other and Celia accidentally does a roundhouse kick to Aminat’s face.

America's Next Top Model

Then Jay steps in to tell them that theywill actuallybe battling a trainer and the twist is that they will be posing for pictures at the same time! The winner receives 50% more frames at the next shoot, which will be taken from a girl of her choosing! Oh snap! Most of the girls struggled with the posing by either blocking their faces or tightening their jaw. In the end, Fo had the best picture and wins the challenge. She chooses to cut Teyona’s frames in half. Oh no, she didn’t… but she did!

TYRA MAIL: Tomorrow you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

America's Next Top Model

Later on, Teyona tells Fo that she’s glad she chose her because she knows she views her as competition. Fo alludes to the fact that it does have something to do with what happened earlier. The next morning, the girls head to their America’s Next Top Modelshoot. They meet Jay and he tells them that they will be styled like Carmen Miranda, the Chiquita banana lady. The focus is on sex appeal and Natalie couldn’t be more relieved. That’s right, time to get your slutty on! The girls are covered in ruffles and accessories and crazy fruity headpieces.

Celia is first and she’s having a hard time being provocative enough. Allison is next and with a little coaching from Jay, she comes alive. Natalie is struggling with the “area” that they are shooting in as random poor children and dogs are wandering around. Aminat is not able to bring enough energy to the shoot. Next is Teyona, who only has half the frames of everyone else, but she really “brought it.” Then, her arch nemesis, Fo is up and Jay is not impressed. Fo is being too drag queen and not sexy enough.

America's Next Top Model

THE JUDGING: Tyra Banks greets the girls and announces that Fernanda Motta is the guest judge. By the way, Miss Jay’s bowtie, which has been growing in size every week, has now reached utter ridiculousness. Aminat is the first up and the judges thought she did “okay” but it wasn’t anything spectacular. Next is Natalie and Nygel says that we’ve seen the sultry look from her all season. Jay thinks that she looks like she has a lack of energy. Natalie tries to say that Jay told her to stay the same way for the frames because he thought she was doing well – they don’t buy it. Celia is next and they think it’s her worst picture ever, she agres. Allison is next and they love her picture. Fo’s picture was too similar to Carmen’s and they don’t thinks she made it her own. Lastly, they thought Teyona did a great job in spite of having only 25 frames.

The best picture of the week goes to Allison. The runner-up is Teyona, followed by Fo and Celia. The bottom two are Aminat and Natalie. Tyra tells Natalie that she’s one of the prettiest girls but that her posing is uninspiring. She says that Aminat looks like a model in person, but she has no vitality in her actual pictures. Tyra calls Aminat, and Natalie is sent home.

America's Next Top Model

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