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Amazing Race: Interview With Mark And Mike Munoz

April 23, 2009 11:00 AM by Britteny Elrick


Mark and Michael Munoz are the 4’9 brothers who were eliminated from The Amazing Racelast Sunday. The stuntmen had a good run, after narrowly escaping elimination the week before when they found out it was a non-elimination leg. However, they incurred a two hour penalty plus a speed bump, which ultimately led to their elimination.

In an interview with RealityWanted, the brothers talked about their time on the show starting with how they got there in the first place. Mark said, “I was approached by the casting directors. For years, they had been looking to get two jockeys on the race. When I called them back to talk about sending in my video with a friend of mine, I also suggested that I bring my brother on the race because I thought that was a neat storyline. Both of my teams made it to the final picking and we ended up getting on.”

Several of the contestants, especially Jamie and Cara, havedemonstratedimpatience with the locals, whatdo they think about that after watching it back? Mike responded, “That’s just how we were brought up. We were taught to be very respectful of other people and cultures. That’s just our upbringing. I wasn’t surprised at all by Jaime or Cara, well, more one than the other. Most people get very frustrated when they aren’t able to communicate.”

What about all of those penalties guys? Miketold RealityWanted, “I tell you, we got a new record, don’t we? [laughs] It was all based on our reactions and the heat of the moment decisions. We don’t want anybody going away mad at us or having not done the right thing, especially in countries where people are poor and doing what they can to make a living. Mark and I come from a background of doing the right thing. It’s just proper.”

So, what was their favorite part of The Amazing Race? Mark said, “I had a lot of favorites. There were some really fun things because I’m a physical challenge kind of guy. Running through the streets of Moscow in my underwear, that’s something you can never do again without getting arrested!”

You can check out the full interview at realitywanted.com.

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