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American Idol: Was Kara A Replacement For Paula Abdul?

April 23, 2009 01:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


Yesterday Paula Abdul spoke with Nightline, where she addressed all kinds of rumors surrounding fourth judge Kara DioGuardiand the fact that her American Idol contract is up at the end of this season. So will Paula be leaving? Find out what she had to say…

Paula said regarding the end of her contract, “I love the show, I do. I love what I do on the show. … It’s taken me a while to get comfortable in my own skin with the show.” Would that be in reference to the stumbling, mumbling, and rabbit trail stories that leave us completely confused each week? By the way, they haven’t gotten better with time. Cynthia McFaddenaskedPaula if she felt like Kara was brought on the show to be a replacement for her. Paula said, “I don’t think anyone (can). First of all, Kara says, ‘I could never replace you.’ And I said whenever there is change it’s not about replacing anybody it’s about possibly moving on.”

Paula admitted that the judges weren’t consulted or even warned about Kara coming on as the fourth judge, in fact, she was rather surprised. She told Nightline, “I thought that respectfully all of us as a group, maybe we could even figure this out together and I was surprised because Simon has always been against the fourth. We’ve had guest judges come in before and he banned that from happening anymore.”

But above all other pressing matters, you know there had to be a question about Simon Cowell. “He’s a bully, he’s a masterful bully. The first day I went to work on season one I quit seven times…. Seven times. Because I couldn’t believe that someone was actually getting away with crushing fragile kids. I couldn’t take the pain that I saw, and I think being an artist who has had success, it’s very vulnerable when you are the talent,” she said.

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