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Hell’s Kitchen Chef Ramsay Chooses The Final Three

April 23, 2009 07:43 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen finds the remaining four chefs at the mercy of Chef Ramsay as they seek to impress him when they must emulate a dish that Chef Ramsay serves as one of his signature dishes. Between the upstart Danny, the uneven Andrea, the consistent Paula and the unpredictable Ben, it should be an interesting night as one more chef’s dreams are shattered and we edge ever so close to the finale where the winner ofHell’s Kitchen becomes the chef for the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.

,And now the continuation ofHell’s Kitchen as the chefs went back to the loft and Ben was again chastised as he was sent up to the loft with the others. Andrea knew she had dodged a huge bullet and that she would have to push back in order to stay in the competition.

In the next challenge, Chef Ramsay had prepared several dishes for the chefs to sample and the chefs had to “Taste it now and Make it” for their challenge as the chefs scrambled to recreate the dishes the best their taste buds would allow.


All of the chefs seemed to hit the mark with their attempts, at least none of them were said that they sucked. Danny was the only one to use the correct fish and the taste test came down to Danny and Paula for the final decision. Chef Ramsay announced that the final choice was difficult as both dishes impressed but, In the end, Chef Ramsay announced that his decision was for Danny as he didn’t use water in his dish.

The losers had to clean up Hell’s Kitchen dining room by polishing the crystal and getting ready for the night’s dinner service as Danny and Chef Ramsay went off to fly in a By-Plane over LA. Back at the kitchen, Andrea was bringing Paula and Ben down with her sour attitude as she complained about everything from her hair to her fingernails hurting.


Before the service started, Chef Ramsay sent the chefs back to the dorms for them to see something he had prepared for them, and hopefully it would cheer Andrea up from her fowl mood, but that was highly doubtful. Waiting for the chefs was new signature Chef Ramsay cookware and it seemed to actually perk up everyone, including Andrea.

Chef Ramsay announced that the four remaining chefs were his dream team and that he expected perfection tonight and immediately started barking out the orders. Ben immediately had a bit of trouble with concentration as he repeated the wrong order, but he rebounded a bit.


It was clearly the best start to service to date with even Andrea seeming to respond to Chef Ramsay’s encouragement. It seemed that Ben had a bit of trouble with some of his seasoning of some of the dishes and Paula shockingly dragged down a bit as she seemed to get a bit flustered under the pressure.

A marriage proposal was requested from aHell’s Kitchen patron and Danny uncharacteristically dragged a bit as he was a bit to confident from his last victory. Ben screwed up by not dropping pasta soon enough and Andrea, fresh from her endorsement from Chef Ramsay, panicked a bit and became a bit flustered as she lost Beef Wellingtons she had been preparing.


Unfortunately, Andrea had started out so strongly but finished off weak and it looked as though she had doomed herself to go home and Chef Ramsay sent them up to the dorm to discuss who would be going up before Ramsay. Ben and Danny seemed fairly confident that Andrea should go and Paula and Andrea seemed looked to Ben to go. With the lines drawn between the girls and the guys, it was pretty evident that the two chefs who lagged the most, especially in the last couple of services, were headed to defend themselves as to why they should be staying inHell’s Kitchen.

Chef Ramsay’s decision was not that surprising; especially in light of the way the chefs had been performing. Ben actually gave a pretty decent response as to why he should stay, highlighting his experience over Andrea’s lack of time in the kitchen, but his performance was never consistant. In a bit of a shock, Ben was told to take his coat off but was told by Chef Ramsay that he had a fighting attitude and should be proud of his performance.


With Ben gone, Danny and Paula seemed to be the most rounded chefs looking to cook off in the finale, with Andrea admitting she was indeed the underdog in the competition and the next week will showcase the final three’s ability to run a kitchen as they take over the role usually reserved for Chef Ramsay.

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