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American Idol: Lil Rounds Speaks Out

April 24, 2009 11:17 AM by Britteny Elrick


After weeks of harsh criticism from the judges, Lil Rounds was finally voted off American Idol. For the majority of the competition, it seemed like she couldn’t do anything right in the judges’ eyes. Find out what Lil had to say about all this and more…

On a conference call yesterday, Lil Rounds told reporters, “I actually had a good feeling that it might’ve been about time right there for me to be ready to go. I kinda stared coping with the idea that I might be leaving before the show.”

Often, Lil received continual negative feedback about her song choices and not “making them her own.” So what does she have to say in response to that? “I did feel like the judges gave their critiques based on how they felt the performance may have went. Whenever they gave me their comments I took ‘em in stride because I felt like they were giving me constructive criticism to improve me. There were times I felt like they would kinda go back and forth a bit, but it was okay because in the end I’m gonna take everything that they say to me and push forward with it,”she said.

Lil continues, “I just felt like [when the judges] would give me their critiques… it seemed to me like it started going back and forth. One week they would tell me one thing and the next week the same thing they had told me the week before, they would flip it and tell me to do the opposite of that. So I was kinda like ‘I don’t know which way to go.’ But I had to make it clear, not just trying to go toe-to-toe with Simon or the judges. I just wanted America to really know that I really, really am an artist and if in any way I gave the vibe that I didn’t know who I was or what I was trying to do as an artist, I was trying to let everybody know that I’m definitely an artist and I love to do the R&B and soul vibe.”

She looks forward to going home and seeing her babies for the first time in a long time!

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