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Survivor: Tocantins — Tyson Declares He Is Awesome

April 24, 2009 03:31 PM by Ryan Haidet


One of the wittiest contestants in a long time, Tyson Apostol couldn’t joke his way out of being the latest to have his torch snuffed on Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands. After getting blindsided by his own newly formed alliance, Tyson spoke with reporters about his ouster, his impression of Coach and declares over and over and over that he is awesome. This was an interestingly sarcastic discussion.

At last night’s Tribal Council, Tyson said he was completely surprised at how the votes fell. “It was a great blindside. Maybe the greatest blindside in the history of Survivor. As soon as the second vote was read with my name on it, I knew I was going home. So between that time and the time my torch was snuffed I just collected myself and was like, ‘Just play it cool, play it cool, Tyson.’ I understand it’s a game and it’s not always the strongest or handsomest player that wins.”


Not A Sierra Fan

Tyson was hoping that it would have been Sierra who was sent packing last night since he didn’t care much for her personality. “She is blindly ignorant to everything around her,” the 29-year-old professional cyclist said. “And she just has no clue. She thinks she’s the bees knees, which I’m guessing some people think she may be, but she just doesn’t get it. She was always like, ‘Oh did you see me in that challenge? I was killing everybody.’ I saw her in that challenge, but she wasn’t killing anybody. … She just needed to be validated for everything. I think highly of myself, but I know I think highly of myself and can joke about it. She thinks highly of herself to the point where it’s annoying to everyone. She can’t joke about it and she takes everything seriously.”

Coach Was Cool

Coach, who is another player who seems to be taking the game very seriously, had really formed a tight bond with Tyson. “With me he was so sincere and always made sure that I was taken care of as far as whether there was food or whether I needed a break or anything like that. He was just somebody I knew I could trust. I’m not saying everybody can trust Coach, but he always respected me enough that I knew I could trust him.”


And Tyson had a strategy behind keeping Coach around. “I had more than one person come up to me and tell me they didn’t like him. That wasn’t going to affect me at all, because if it came down to the finale and it was me and Coach, I would obviously win those people’s votes.”

He also said that some of Coach’s decisions, like sitting out at the last Immunity Challenge so he could chow down on pizza, was something that worked to his advantage. “For me, at that point in my mind, there were very few people who could compete with me in the finale for the million-dollar vote. And Coach doing that was just one more reason he wasn’t going to get voted to win the million. … Anytime anybody did something stupid I actually applauded it because it made me look better.”


Even though some of Coach’s stories seem far fetched and extravagant, Tyson enjoyed them. “He tells his stories with such sincerity that you can’t help but believe him to some extent. Regardless if he’s exaggerating it or how it really happened, I have no clue. But he stood by all his stories 100 percent.”


Even though he was friendly with Coach, he said that they are very different people. “I obviously don’t read as many fantasy novels, or participate in live-action role play. I kind of was always like, ‘OK I hope I don’t get labeled as a nerd after this.’ But some people were really eating it up. Like Coach would come back and be like, ‘Let’s cut the head off the dragon.’ And Stephen would be like, ‘Yeah, let’s do that. I’ll be the wizard.’ Some people really, really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it, but I think for different reasons.”


Reactions To His Actions

Tyson says that even though he got naked frequently and said some crazy things, people have been very supportive. “My friends pretty much knew that’s who I was, so they were entertained by it and applauded it. And my family was a little bit shocked, I think. But they’re dealing with it well. I mean, I may have ruined the show for my parents forever. They were big fans of Survivor before.”


And he seems to have a growing fan base. “Most everybody has been pretty supportive in Utah. I do get people once in a while making comments — how dare I do this or that. But for the most part, people come up and say they support what I’m doing on TV. A ton of people my age — I didn’t even know people my age watched the show. I thought it was all like 50 or 60 year old people. Who watches 8 o’clock TV on a Thursday night? So I get a ton of people my age coming up and telling me how awesome it is. I get a ton of like high school-age kids telling me that I’m their favorite Survivor of all time. So it’s kind of crazy. Even little kids, they’ll come up and be like (mimics childish voice), ‘We think you’re so awesome!’ I’m like, ‘Your parents shouldn’t even let you watch this show.”

And he definitely enjoys being one of the most talked about contestants this season. “It feels decent. Feels good, I guess. I can see why, I’m pretty awesome. I always talked about myself and now it’s good other people are starting to talk about me a little bit, too.”


When it came to the harsh comments he made in confessionals, Tyson said those were absolutely real. “I’m pretty direct and straight forward and say what’s on my mind and I try to do it in a way that’s entertaining to at least me. I think my jokes are funny, so if somebody doesn’t I don’t really care.”

An E-mail Application & All-Stars 2

Like many other castaways this season, Tyson was recruited for the show — sort of. “I just got an e-mail that was forwarded through 10 different people that was kind of like, ‘Hey if you want to be on Survivor, e-mail this person.’ I just sent a quick e-mail that was like, ‘I’m pretty awesome and I deserve a million dollars, so let’s get this thing going.’ Sent a couple pictures and the rest is history.”


And if it came to doing the game again, Tyson said, “You know, I would definitely think about it. It was a lot of fun and I could see myself doing it again. I guess it just depends on what the future holds and what the circumstances are as to whether or not I’d do it. Yeah, I could see myself doing it again.” He posed a question to the reporter. “Would you want me to do it again?”

“I think so,” the reporter replied.

“You’re a sweetheart,” Tyson chimed back.

Learning His Awesomeness

Tyson said that he did learn something about himself while he was out there. “It just solidified my belief of how awesome I am,” he laughs. “The edit was very fair. I would say that’s pretty much who I am. I’m not like that all the time, but my friends that watch it say that’s exactly who I am — that’s probably who I am around them. My family’s a little surprised by some of it. But for the most part I was happy with the edit and felt that it was pretty fair.”


He is already looking at what opportunities could arise next. “I enjoyed being out there and I liked the entertainment aspect of it. If something came up in entertainment, I’d definitely look into it. But right now I’m just taking it one day at a time and just trying to stay sexy and be awesome.”

Survivor Was Simple

Right before the conference call came to an end, Tyson said Survivor wasn’t difficult at all. “The hardest part? None of it really. I mean, it’s way way easier than real life. You don’t have a job, you don’t have to pay bills, you don’t have to do anything. People were out there moping and crying about how there wasn’t food or how they couldn’t see their families. That didn’t really affect me at all. When the apocalypse comes, I’ll be ready for it because I can live outside by the river and eat a handful of beans.”


Images courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS.

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