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Amazing Race 14: Surprise Ending In Beijing

April 26, 2009 11:30 PM by Britteny Elrick


Only four remaining teams will be competing tonight on The Amazing Race. As the teams head to Beijing, China, they will encounter some difficult challenges that even the strongest teams might not be able to overcome. But when they finally reach the pit stop, they will discover an unlikely twist…

The first team to depart for Beijing, China is Kesha and Jen, and they must make it to a foot massage spa to get their clue. Tammy and Victor are very excited to head to Beijing considering they’ve been there a couple times. Luke says he’s officially done with Jen and Kesha and he’s focusing on the game. Jamie and Cara are currently in last place, but they are determined to finally win one leg of the race. All teams arrive on the same flight and it’s a cab race to the spa. Many of the teams get lost, but Cara and Jamie are the first to make it.


They encounter a road block: one person must get a traditional foot massage, but first drink a medicinal tea. The twist is that the massage is somewhat painful. When done, they must drink another cup of tea to get their clue. If they have them stop in the middle, they have to restart the whole massage.

Jamie and Jen are the first to get the massages and they start crying. Jamie isn’t sure she can take the pain. Tammy sits down and tries meditation, but it starts to get to her as well. Jamie is the first to complete and they head to the next clue at a local stadium, where they have a detour.


DETOUR: In sync, teams must jump off spring boards and jump into the pool in perfect unison. In swim, they must wear an Olympic wetsuit and swim eight lengths, completing 200 meters of a race.

Victor and Tammy opt for sync, while Cara and Jamie, Kesha and Jen, and Margie and Luke opt for swim. The teams that chose swim are having a hard time breathing in the suits. Kesha and Jen switch to sync after not being able to do swim.


Next the teams must make their way to the final pit stop, Drum Tower. Jamie and Cara are the first to leave the detour, but they aren’t optimistic about their cab driver. Margie and Luke are the second team to head out. Meanwhile, Kesha and Jen are having a terrible time trying to complete their task. Kesha’s frustrations mount and she starts crying. Jen tries to console her, but they are sitting in the hallway and Kesha says “I want to go home.” Jen asks her to finish it strong and they opt for the swim task, although Kesha can’t swim. Tammy and Victor finally decide to switch to the swim task, but neither of them really know how to swim.

Margie and Luke are quite please that they are such good swimmers, and they left Kesha and Jen in the dust. Tammy and Victor finally get in their cab on the way to the pit stop, but Victor gets a leg cramp and they have to stop for awhile. Cara and Jamie finally see the pit stop and are ecstatic when they realize they are first. But… Phil Koeghan hands them a clue and says, “You’re still racing.”

To Be Continued…

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