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Celebrity Apprentice: NBA Right Guard Challenge!

April 26, 2009 08:06 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, the remaining contestants wait to see what will happen next, and wonder if they will be split up again differently now that KOTU has only two members left, and team Athena has four. Jessie James takes his winnings from last week to the Long Beach Education Foundation, where a group of youths are working on vehicles in a classroom atmosphere.

Donald Trump meets with the contestants and stuns them by sending Jesse to join Clint and Joan. Melissa isn’t thrilled to be left with Annie and Brande. Jesse is happy to work with Joan, but notes that he’s had his difference with Clint. They are standing in the NBC Store, and Trump announces that they will be working on a four page print ad for Right Guard’s newest product, Fast Break, featuring David Lee from the New York Knicks. KOTU chooses Clint as the project manager (are they trying to set him up to get the boot?) and Athena selects Brande because of her familiarity with photo shoots.

Athena adjourns to their space and Melissa immediately starts brainstorming. Her ideas are met with silence – Annie and Brande don’t think her ideas will fly for a mens’ deodorant. Annie tosses around the concept of David Lee holding only the deodorant in front of his naked body. When the executive pays them a visit, Melissa is overwhelmed by Annie’s arrogant behavior on Celebrity Apprentice. The executive pays KOTU a visit next, and pushes the ‘power stripe’ which is their unique patented technology. Clint asks about using nudity. Jesse feels Clint doesn’t know what he’s doing and remarks that, “It blows! It’s back to team KOTU!”

Brande, meanwhile, is delegating tasks in the Athena room, but doesn’t give Melissa anything to do! Annie and Brande decide that their campaign will depict a day in the life of David Lee – always relying on his Right Guard. Brande is in awe of Annie’s ideas, and Melissa feels that Annie has actually taken over as project manager!


Jesse has put together a fact list about David Lee on Celebrity Apprentice, as Clint struggles to get a handle on the message they need to send. Joan points out that David is a white guy in a sea of black basketball players – that’s pressure! Jesse and Clint regard her doubtfully. Jesse draws out a four-page insert that shows the story of a small-town guy like David coming to play in the big city of New York. Jesse’s design also incorporates the stripe. Clint wants to get wordier, and becomes slightly obstinate. Jesse feels that Clint doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Annie is headed out to the photo shoot, and calls Brande along the way to tell her she thinks it will work in their favor to have David Lee before KOTU. When Brande gets off the phone, Melissa confronts her, saying she feels that Brande and Annie are trying to conspire against her by not assigning her any tasks! She informs Brande that she’s no fool!

KOTU meets with the photographer, and Jesse pushes his idea to feature the New York skyline. Jesse heads out to shoot it himself as Clint goes over the draft of the insert with the photographer. They lay out the piece with stand-ins, including Clint dribbling a basketball! Ivanka arrives and Clint asserts that maybe this will be the task where they finally get over this ‘Clint doesn’t listen’ stuff! Joan says working with Jesse is great, but Clint isn’t so convinced – he thinks he might just throw him under the bus in the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom. Jesse is out looking for a great shot of the skyline, and complains about Clint holding the rest of them back!

Athena’s campaign is coming along, as Annie oversees a photo shoot in a stylish dance club in preparation for David Lee’s arrival. Brande and Melissa arrive, and Melissa says she will keep her head down and work on the graphics. Afterward she feels she has done a good job. Brande takes a moment to tell Annie about her conversation with Melissa earlier. Annie says there is no need for her to conspire against Melissa, her sensitivity makes her the weak link anyway!


Jesse returns to his Celebrity Apprentice team with his photos. Clint is pleased, and sets to work. Jesse is dismayed – Clint is adding too much text and orange to the advertisement. Joan is avoiding friction, so Jesse takes the role of stepping up to complain – he thinks Clint sucks and the ad is crap, when it could have been good! Eventually, Jesse seems to detach himself, but Joan coaxes him to contribute to the team.

Over at Athena, David Lee has arrived and Brande notes that he’s cute! Melissa is put out when Brande takes over the photo shoot that she was supposed to be running. Annie is pleased with how far along they are with their copy, and draws Melissa into conversation as a strategy, pointing out that her only concern is getting into the final four right now!

David Lee heads over to KOTU’s headquarters and Clint takes control of the photo shoot on Celebrity Apprentice. Jesse is sure that the team will lose – he thinks even the set-up is wrong! Clint and Jesse bicker about why David and his girlfriend would be sitting on the couch in the ad. Annie and Brande stick their heads in to say hello, which prompts Joan to start spewing about Annie again – she calls her worse than Hitler! Once they leave, KOTU gets the layout up on the computer, and Jesse laughs at it. He says they should delete it – they could have won an award with his idea! They argue over who is to blame, with Clint trying to be diplomatic, and Jesse just going off on Clint! Joan shakes her head and says it sounds like her first marriage!

Jim Kramer goes in to check on Athena, who shows him their layout and says that they think their team will win. Annie gives him a play-by-play of everything that she did to take credit for – he marvels that she has positioned herself well regardless if the team wins or loses. Melissa says she would like to hear the word ‘equal’ used in regard to their team, and Annie feels like punching her in the face!

It’s presentation time on Celebrity Apprentice! Clint presents KOTU’s four-page insert to the Right Guard executives. His delivery is matter-of-fact, and the panel seems pleased. Athena arrives next, and Annie comes in to do the presentation. Melissa watches and thinks that Annie’s delivery is stiff, but the executives seem impressed at the end. The executives meet with Donald Trump and tell him what they liked and disliked about both presentations, and who the winner is.


In the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom, Jesse tells Donald Trump that he doesn’t feel that KOTU was much of a team. He says he owns a magazine and Clint should have deferred to his experience. Clint rebuts, and Ivanka jumps in and asks Joan. She says she felt like a kindergarten teacher last night! Joan says she didn’t agree with Clint’s ideas, but that she wanted to help make his decisions the best they could be. Joan says Clint has changed as much as he can without deep therapy! Donald says he doesn’t think people really ever change! He turns to Brande, who tells him that she really believes that Athena won! They discuss how cute David Lee was, and Annie says he’s a friend of hers, prompting Joan to attack her yet again!

Next, Brande tries to explain to Donald why she delegated so many tasks to Annie on Celebrity Apprentice. Ivanka tells her that she undermines herself by saying Annie is the best at everything! Jim agrees, and Melissa says she felt shut out of the team. Jim and Ivanka show each team the other team’s ad. Brande says KOTU’s is good, but not as good as theirs. Clint says that KOTU branded better than Athena. Donald tells them that the executives liked both very much – but they liked Joan, Clint, and Jesse’s the best! As KOTU heads back to the suite, Athena congregates in the hall and discusses who will get fired!

In the Celebrity Apprentice suite, Jesse makes a champagne toast to Joan for keeping him and Clint from killing each other. In the boardroom, Jim tells Donald that Brande should go, but Ivanka disagrees, saying that Annie and Melissa may have hung themselves! Donald calls Athena back in, and Brande says that she has proven herself right from the beginning! She tells Donald that she has to work even harder because she is beautiful. Donald asks Annie who she would fire. She says Brande was the stronger player over Melissa. Brande jumps in and says that Melissa just got too personal. Jim says that now was the time to step up – and Brande hasn’t. Ivanka points out that she is lacking passion – she needs to defend herself in the boardroom!


Donald gives Melissa a chance to speak on Celebrity Apprentice, and she says that she worked very hard, even though she hasn’t raised a lot of money. Ivanka is amazed that Annie is sitting back while Brande and Melissa fight – she was responsible for most of the work on the ad that lost! Jim says he would fire Melissa, and Donald tends to agree with him – he tells Melissa she’s fired! Back in the suite she says Athena is left with a Hitler, and a follower! Melissa is furious and says she won’t come back for an interview. Joan meets Annie and Brande and lashes out at them – calling Brande a ‘stupid blonde’ and Annie ‘trash’! Joan leaves with Melissa in the elevator as she cusses up a storm, calling Annie and Brande ‘lying whores’!

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4 Responses to “Celebrity Apprentice: NBA Right Guard Challenge!”

  1. lindabrian1 Says:
    April 26th, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    This was the worst show. The progect manager should have gotten fired, she was responsible for losing. Annie and Brande ganged up on Melissa from the start of the progect. Joan Rivers was right in leaving the show. I used to think you were pretty fair, after you slipped that note to your guest host the tables turned on Melissa just like her team did. You and your guest host made a wrong decision. Annie is plain Evil right to the bone, although I think you like her. Because of tonight’s results were so UNJUST I will no longer watch your program.

  2. somewhereinvegas Says:
    April 26th, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    That was the most unpredictable boardroom ever!!! That was nuts!!! Clint Black aka Omorsa with the opposite look wins, while Melissa is fired because she was set-up? And what was on that note? Wow – Craziest boardroom ever!!!

  3. Palo Alto Says:
    April 27th, 2009 at 2:11 am

    Melissa Rivers acted like a real jackass tonight. I am embarrassed for her. If she has as much television experience as she touts, then she would have been very much aware that those camera were recording her every idiotic move. I have seen children act better than she did tonight. Yelling and screaming at the staff, THERE is the real Melissa Rivers. I think she needs therapy.

    I have a close relationship with my daughter too, but Joan isn’t helping Melissa by being a vituperative bitch when her own daughter is doing such a ‘good’ job on her own. She set a bad example when she joined in the bitch fest by acting a bit of a fool herself.

    These shows are heavily and selectively edited, and none of us know for sure if Brande and Annie were talking much smack about the others, but Melissa and Joan sure had plenty to say about everyone else. There comes a time when people run their mouths too much and put others down that it comes home to roost, and tonight, it came home to roost for Melissa Rivers.

    Unless this show is rigged and this ridiculous exit was staged for ratings, this has to be the most egregious example of poor sportsmanship I have ever seen in my life. Also the most whining by a celebrity contestant I have ever seen in my life. I have been a fan of Joan’s since she started, and always liked Melissa.

    Now I see her for the spoiled rotten brat that she is. If I were her, I would not show my face on television for some time.

    Disgusting display Melissa Rivers. No matter how poorly you were treated, you should not have acted like such a vile witch. GROW UP!

  4. BrainsOverMoney Says:
    April 28th, 2009 at 2:40 pm

    Palo Alto- I think Melissa Rivers had every right to be angry and poker players ARE TRASH- someone has to say it on T.V. at least. Melissa was right about Annie and Brande acting like they were in High School- I am 24 years old and remember High School very clearly and it was exactly the bitchiness and back-stabbing acts that Annie and Brande were doing to Melissa. I had the greatest sympathy for Melissa and clapped when she stood up for herself. The only reason Melissa was fired was because that fat ass shovenist pig who looks like he is always constipated- Donald Trump- was interrupted by Melissa who said “Can I finish please” since every coward in that room was interrupting her. Melissa was not the immature one, everyone else was. I applaud Melissa for standing up for herself and the only reason Annie and Brande were not fired was because they raised more money even though they don’t have the brains like Melissa has. The only reason Brande was not fired was because Donald fantasizes about her and all the other hoes out there who want him for his money. I hate how Brande was defending herself saying that she has brains and beauty and Donald Trump’s daughter gets a compliment from her then all of a sudden, the bitches are friends again and his daughter does not want to fire her anymore. WOW, it shows how females can be so stupid when it comes to deciding who really deserves it. This show pissed me off when Melissa was fired because it proves to me that women are still don’t win unless they are a beauty queen or have money to get to the top. Melissa had something better, something that allowed Bill Gates to get to the top – BRAINS.


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