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Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis’ Court Battle Is Over

April 26, 2009 01:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


Well it looks like Jeff Lewis won’t have to Flip Out anymore aboutthe legal battle between him and his neighbor, actress Ashley Jensen. According to E! News, a settlement has finally been reached in the encroachment dispute…

E! News reported that Lewis’ neighbors filed a restraining order and lawsuit against him after he allegedly build a deck that encroached onto their property. Lewis offered to pay them $10,000, but the couple refused it after learning that the land was worth a reported $100,000. He then countered the offer with $30,000 and threatened to badmouth them on his show.

E! News obtained a statement by Lewis, “[Jensen] reported she’s done this in an effort to be ‘neighborly.’ Unfortunately, that ship set sail six months before the three ring circus and the $50,000 in combined attorneys’ fees. I look forward to the next neighborhood barbecue.”

Finally, however, they did settle onJeff’sofferof $30,000 for the encroachment. “I’m happy Ms. Jensen has returned to Earth, removed the restraining order, and insisted we settle our boundary dispute for my original offer of $30,000. Clearly, she has milked this publicity opportunity for all it’s worth.”

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