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American Idol Recap 04/29/09: Matt Giraud Goes Home

April 29, 2009 07:44 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on American Idol, the lastfive standing would end asfour, when one more contestant would get the shock of being eliminated and sent home. Ryan Seacrest said that over 47 million votes came in last night, all in support of the Top 5. Thinking back to last night’s show, Simon Cowell said that it was the best show he has ever seen on American Idol at this stage of the game and he doesn’t normally say that.

Tonight Taylor Hicks as well as Natalie Cole, and this week’s mentor Jamie Foxx were set to perform on the American Idol stage. The Latest Ford video was for the Ford Fusion tonight and the video was a cool psychadelic performance by the Top 5. Before the drama began, the Top 5 would perform and we waited to see if their song would be live this weekor lip-synched.

The group song tonight was keeping with classic theme and was a medley of I Got Rythm and It Don’t Mean A Thing. It was LIVE and the whole group sounded amazing.

Ryan Seacrest announced Danny and Allison’s birthdays this past week and along with birthdays comes birthday cake…or what should have been the making of one, except it turned into a food fight at the American Idol mansion. Danny was given a birthday present of a bill from a maid service for $6,000 to clean up the mess.He asked if American Idol would pay for the bill and Ryan Seacrest said the bill would be covered if he won theAmerican Idol crown.

As the lights were dimmed, Matt Giraud was called upon first and asked to move to the right side of the stage. Next Danny Gokey was asked to head to the left side of the stage. Allison Iraheta also headed to the left to stand next to Danny. Kris Allenwas was sent off to stand next to Matt on the right side of the stage and Adam Lambert being the last person was asked to take center stage.

Ryan Seacrest asked Adam which group he thought he belonged with and Adam said that based on last night he should be on the left side of the stage. Ryan Seacrest then moved Adam to the right side and told Danny and Allison that they were safe which meant that Kris, Matt and Adam were in the bottom three tonight. Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi all seemed surprised to see Adam in the bottom three and Simon Cowell said not to take the glory away from Danny and Allison and then congratulated them on their accomplishment of staying safe this evening.


Next Natalie Cole sang Something’s Gotta Give from her album, Still Unforgettable. She is one classy and beautiful lady, pulling the crowd into her performance with her infectious personality. She is headed to Korea on a tour this year. It is hard to believe that her career has spanned almost four decades! Wow!

Matt, Kris and Adam were waiting anxiously back stage for the news of their fate, but of course we would have to wait until American Idol alumni Taylor Hicks performed to find out who would be going home.


Taylor Hicks, who claimed the American Idol title on season five, came out and sang Seven Mile Breakdown off of his new album, The Distance. He still reminds me of an Elvis impersonator when you put the television on mute! I love it when he plays the harmonica though, still the Soul Man.

Taylor was surprised to get a standing ovation from the judges tonight and Ryan Seacrest said that Simon Cowell missed him…oh ya, sure he does! He gave the American Idol contestants advice about choosing the right songs from here on in and as he left the stage Ryan Seacrest dimmed the lights once more and sent Kris back to safety. That left Matt and Adam to ponder if their journey would be ending tonight.


Oscar winner and chart topping sensation, Jamie Foxx came out and sang Intuition. The American Idol judges got a great workout tonight giving everyone standing ovations. Jamie Foxx said that he has seen the most talented people he has seen in 10 years and he hopes that America embraces the Top 5 when the show is over as the people on stage are true artists at heart.

Ryan Seacrest then called Kris and Adam out on stage and asked Jamie Foxx if America got the bottom two right tonight andJamie Foxxsaid it doesn’t matter as it only matters what happens after this show.

After 47 million votes, the highest of the season, Adam is told that he is safe and tonight Matt is going home as Carrie Underwood’s singing played in the background.

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