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America’s Next Top Model: Time To Go-See Brazil

April 29, 2009 06:14 PM by Britteny Elrick

America's Next Top Model

Tonight onAmerica’s Next Top Model, Tyra Bankswill be sending the models around Brazil, where they will have go-sees with five different designers. The jobs they will be trying to book will gain them a chance to walk the runway in Brazil Fashion Week. Some of the models will receive bad news from the designers, while others will book every go-see they attempt. Then they will have a beach photo shoot with judge Nygel Barker and some of them will not impress…

TYRA MAIL: Hit the ground running if you want to fly.

Fo is astounded that she’s made it so far in this competition, considering she’s always been a bit of a slacker. The girls arrive at the headquarters for Brazil Fashion Week, where they are greeted by Paolo Borges. They will be imitating a day in the life of a model by doing go-sees! There are five designers and they must arrive back by 3:30.

As soon as the girls hop in their cabs, they are shocked by how busy the streets are. Teyona is upset that Celia beats her to her go-see and so she hops in another cab so she won’t have to wait. Celia walks for the first designer and they are concerned about her age. Allison is extremely worried because she’s never modeled before this competition and her walk needs alot of work. The designer says she walks to slowly and that she isn’t ready for the runway.

America's Next Top Model

Celia decides to ditch her cab and go to all the designers by foot in order to save time. When Fo walks for her designer, they are concerned about her being so short. Teyona finally arrives to her second option, but finds yet another girl beat her there… so she is very frustrated. Finally she gets the chance to walk, and the designer wants to book Teyona for her show. Aminat also books a job. Fo is told that she has the look for commercial but not high fashion. Allison is still having bad luck with the designers, and they continually tell her she’s too stiff.

Aminat and Teyona are the first to arrive back to the studio. Allison finally arrives with little time to spare. Celia arrives at 3:37 and they girls say “you’re late!” when she walks in. Fo, however, doesn’t make it back in time. The girls need to head back to the headquarters, and they are told they will be transported via helicopter. Unfortunately, Fo and Celia are told they must take a cab because they were late! (Well, they could have at least told them before they walked all the way up to the roof…)

America's Next Top Model

Paolo Borges tells Allison that the designers thought she wasn’t confident. Teyona, the winner of the challenge, wins a piece of clothing from every designer. When the models get back to their house, Teyona has five outfits waiting for her – and she won’t let anyone touch them. (Hello, what are you, five?)

The next morning Jay tells the girls that Nygel Barker will be their photographer. The girls will be in a crowd of people on the beach and have to make themselves stand out. Aminat is the first model and Nygel says she isn’t fully connected. Fo comes out next and she’s trying her hardest to impress Nygel as her first shoot with him was a disaster. Jay tells her she needs more aggression. The next model is Allison and she’s feeling unsexy in her skimpy bathing suit. Nygel was impressed with her because she moved around a lot and made it interesting. Teyona is next and Nygel loves her shoot because she is one of the few people who understands angles. Celia is initially shocked by the amount of people on the set and she has a hard time. At one point, Nygel steps in to give her some posing ideas.

America's Next Top Model

THE JUDGING: Tyra Banks greets the models. First up is Teyona and she booked three out of three go-sees. They love her photo and say that she knows how to use her body. Next is Celia and she booked three out of four castings. Nygel says that she was distracted on set and he asks her why. Celia says she practiced for hours ahead of time, and Paulina tells her never to do that because you aren’t natural then. Aminat booked two out of three designers. Her photo was okay, but they don’t think she knows how to showcase her body. Fo is next and as soon as Nygel starts talking she starts to tear up because she knew that she didn’t do well. She also booked no go-sees. Allison is the last one to be judged and Nygel says that the seriously surprised him. However, she only booked one out of four go-sees.

Teyona has the best picture of the week and is called first. Allison is called next, followed by Aminat. The bottom two are Fo and Celia. Tyra tells them that they have something in common. Celia is “too old” to be starting out in the industry, meanwhile Fo is “too short.” Eventually, she calls Celia and Fo is sent home from America’s Next Top Model.

America's Next Top Model

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