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Celebrity Apprentice: Melissa Rivers Speaks Out

April 29, 2009 01:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


Last Sunday was an explosive episode of the Celebrity Apprentice. After having a blowout with Donald Trump, Anne Duke, and Brande Roderickin defense of her performance on the Right Guard task, Melissa Rivers was finally sent home. She was so furious after the boardroom attackthat she skipped her exit interview and marched out. Now that the dust has settled, see what Melissa has to say about all of this…

Melissa recently sat down with Fancast to do a candid interview about her time on the Celebrity Apprentice. When asked if she could sense trouble during last week’s challenge, Melissa said, “Well, the problems had started two episodes ago with the fashion show. Until then, Annie had been constantly pulling me aside and telling me how much we had to get rid of Brande, that Brande was dead weight, blah, blah, blah. Then suddenly she became best friends with Brande. So I knew what was going on.”

What else didn’t we see that led up to thishuge blowout?“You don’t see the constant phone calls between Annie and Brande with them laughing and giggling in the corner. You don’t see them whispering. You don’t see – you don’t see everything falling out of the van and those two walking ahead and me in my walking cast, picking everything up out of the street and carrying it upstairs. You don’t see a lot of what they – how they behaved. There is just simply no time to show all that. But they were the mean girls. It was back to the worst of high school,” she told Fancast.

Do you feel that you were portrayed unfairly?Melissa responded, “Not unfairly. As I said, they just didn’t show the two of them constantly on the phone, whispering and talking, driving me crazy and being mean, and that’s fine. There’s only so much time and only so much you can show.” “Annie is a poker player, and Annie played to win. Do I think that she is ruthless and crossed a lot of lines? Yeah, I do. And Brande, I expected more from her as a person. Calling me emotionally unstable. Give me a break,” she continues.

What was the breaking point for you? “I kept it together in the board room. My breaking point was when I walked out of the board room, and that’s when I lost it. I’m not going to say that I’m proud of my behavior when I left the board room, but it’s everything I ever wanted to say, and I feel like I said it for all the girls who have been maligned by the cliquey girls their entire lives. Whether it be in high school or the sorority girls or the country club or wherever,” she commented.

So what do you think of the Donald? “I think Donald is very, very smart and very, very savvy. And he runs those board rooms to get exactly what he wants. And what, you know, he knows what he’s doing and that’s why he’s Donald Trump.”

You can see the rest of the interview at Fancast.

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