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Hell’s Kitchen Sets The Final Two For The Finale

April 30, 2009 07:29 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen prepares us for the finale with the final dinner service that will set up the ultimate cook-off. What has been surprising is who is left standing at this point. Andrea, who has been spectacular at one moment and then faltering the next; Paula, who has been fairly consistent through out and Danny, who seemed to settle in the middle of the pack until the roosters all seemed to get themselves eliminated. What Chef Ramsay looks for in the final two, remains to be seen, but the three remaining chef’s all seem to have their strengths from which to draw from.

Family time erupted inHell’s Kitchen as the family members of the final three stormed into the restaurant. Chef Ramsay thanked the family members and with that, they were gone as soon as they arrived.

The following morning the three chefs were told they had a lunch challenge and they were each to prepare a dish to impress and a hundred portions of the dish to boot. With ninety minutes to prepare, the chefs had no idea who they mystery guest were. Both Paula and Danny both looked at each other as their biggest competition with poor Andrea picked by both as the weakest link.


The three chefs were shocked when Chef Ramsay had 100 chefs from across LA who were called in to sample what the three chefs had prepared and to determine the winner of the challenge, and probably out a real spark into the mind of Chef Ramsay as to who would be strongest in the finale.

Each of the three took the time to serve the chefs their dishes and it seemed that the chefs all had their own opinion. The loser got a whopping 76% of the vote and when Danny was said to have received the vote, you could see the wind immediately go out of his sails. The same 76% gave Paula a much needed and timely victory, leaving Andrea stuck in the middle again, but fairing better than Danny.


Paula got a full make-over for her victory and a live cooking spot on a local FOX morning show with Chef Ramsay while the losers had to clean the restaurant and get prepped for the following night’s service. What was the most telling was how down Danny was after coming in so poorly in the challenge and seeing Andrea taking advantage of his bad mood by playing with his mind hoping to get an advantage during the next dinner service.

The final dinner service to determine the finale and Chef Ramsay told the three that they would each have their shot and fame and glory as the took over the traditional role that Chef Ramsay usually assumed when they were asked to take the leadership role.


Paula was put to her first test when Chef Gloria did a bit of sabotage to try to trip up Paula’s quality control. Danny was up next and felt very confident saying “I do this all the time. I am at home here.” Strong words from Danny, especially as soon as he got up and assumed the line, Chef Ramsay shouted at him as he completely screwed up the first order out of his mouth.

Danny’s incompetence and youth seemed to manifest itself as Danny’s bad start slowed the kitchen down to a crawl. Danny finally found his voice and the orders started to fly out. Andrea took over and had a strong voice, but she was again tested by Chef Scott when he deliberately server the wrong fish and Chef Ramsay took her to task when she missed it.


The end of the service was the best ever in this season of Hell’s Kitchen and Chef Ramsay even commented to the chefs that something was different about him at the end of the service. Finally Andrea commented that he was smiling and Chef Ramsay laughed as he said it was their best service this season and that they each showed why they were there tonight.

Chef Ramsay then sent the three back to the dorm to formulate an opinion as to who they think should not be in the final two. Danny and Andrea traded jabs as to why they each should not be there, leaving Paula to be the final determination, definitely leaving Paula as one of the final two with either Danny or Andrea.


Of course, Danny and Andrea each castigated each other and Paula threw her friend Andrea under the bus to set up a Danny/Paula final. Chef Ramsay announced that Paula deserved a spot in the Finale and then heard from each of the chefs why they should stay. Chef Ramsay announced that Andrea was leavingHell’s Kitchen but that she was an asset to any kitchen she was a part of, setting up a Danny/Paula finale.

The next week will, of course, bring back pissed off eliminated chefs to help Danny and Paula in their final service and we will see how the two will stand up under the pressure of completely redesigning an attractive restaurant and designing their own menus to ultimately get them the Head Chef position at the Borgata in Atlantic City.

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