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Survivor: Tocantins — Lies & Tears

April 30, 2009 07:58 PM by Ryan Haidet


A camp quarrel broke out in tonight’s episode of Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands when all sorts of stories got twisted. Sierra found herself in an interesting position, too, when Coach and Debbie asked her to stick with them. The tables have certainly turned from just days before when Sierra was begging them to spare her. Now they were at her mercy — or so it seemed…

Back at camp on Night 27, JT and Stephen tried to explain their decision to blindside Tyson. Coach and Debbie, who were obviously shocked at what happened, said it was a brilliant move. “I appreciate you guys not telling me,” Coach said. But Stephen felt a bit worried by their reaction. It just didn’t seem right.

Day 28 arrived with Debbie scrambling. At the fire she asked JT and Stephen what their next moves needed to be. Since when are they in an alliance? “I love you two to death,” Debbie told them as she searched for new footing in the game. She told them how much she trusts them and in a confessional, she said she was recoiling to figure out what the rest of her strategy for the game is.

But her confidence in JT and Stephen was uncertain when she told Coach she was worried the three remaining Jalapao members would just wipe everybody else out. She hoped that she could get the remaining four Timbira tribe members together in an effort to take out JT, Stephen and Taj.

Honest Opinions

At the Reward Challenge, viewers got a taste of a challenge that has been done numerous times in previous seasons — the personal opinion challenge (see image of Erik Reichenbach below during a similar challenge in Survivor: Micronesia — Fans Vs Favorites). One at a time, each contestant went off to a private spot to answer a variety of questions regarding the other castaways. After everybody was finished, host Jeff Probst tallied the results and got down to the bones of the challenge.


Probst re-asked each question and the contestants had to guess how most of the others would answer. Each time they got an answer right, they got to chop one person’s rope. That rope was connected to a hammer, which was hanging above a tiny statue that resembled each player. Three chops of the rope and that statue would be crushed. The last person with their statue intact would win Reward — a trip to a local family home for a Brazilian feast followed by a trip to a natural spring.


Question: Who has not lived up to their potential?

Answer: Coach.

Debbie, Erinn, Taj and Coach got it right and each earned the right to chop some rope. Erinn walked over and cut Sierra’s rope. Debbie hacked at JT’s. Taj followed suit. Coach walked over and smacked at Sierra’s rope and Sierra returned the favor. After the first round, Sierra was down to one chance left.

In the next few rounds, several people were eliminated from the challenge. Sierra was eliminated first with Coach closely behind. Stephen’s chop was the fatal one for Debbie.

Question: Who would you trust with your life?

Answer: JT.

All the remaining players got that one correct. Taj gave JT his second hit who then hacked at Erinn’s rope. That was the fatal blow, which knocked her out of the contest — her tiny statue was crushed. Erinn retaliated and slammed JT out of the game. It came down to just Taj and Stephen. Taj had one chance left, but Stephen had two.

Question: Who would you least like to see win this game?

Answer: Sierra.

Stephen got it right, but Taj got it wrong. He walked over and chopped Taj’s rope eliminating her from the challenge. With that, Stephen had won the challenge and then sent Erinn to Exile Island.

Moments before leaving, he chose to bring Taj and JT on the Reward with him.

Feast & A Swim In The Spring

The three remaining Jalapao members arrived at a small Brazilian farm to be greeted by a father and son. Immediately after they plopped down on the bench, the family piled dishes up on the table. Obviously hungry, the three of them dug into the feast and filled their bellies. As they were enjoying the company while chowing down, a 3-year-old girl fell off the table and hit her head. Taj “went into mommy mode” and picked her up. Taj said in a confessional that she started thinking of her son at that moment. “I just held her tight and imagined her being him. She definitely made me realize how much I miss my family.”

When the meal was over, the family escorted them down to the local spring. JT was the first to get in. The sand at the bottom was bubbling and JT said it felt very weird. He said his feet weren’t touching the ground, but he bobbed up and down like a cork. After their amusement with the spring died down, the three had a “power talk.” They felt Sierra was the next person to target since Coach was one of the weakest people left. But Stephen was concerned about how Debbie plays the game.

At Exile, Erinn was working to create a fire after reading the clue from the urn. She realized that the clues were pointing to the same spot where the hidden Immunity Idol was placed before. That made her think there was no new Idol. Shortly after, a thunderstorm unleashed and she struggled to stay positive. “I slept in constant, pouring rain,” Erinn said.

Timbira Loyalties Vanish

Back at camp, Coach and Debbie worked on Sierra. Coach asked her if she was going to be loyal to them, but Sierra was upset they had wrote her name down at the last Tribal Council. Sierra, who was once at their mercy, laid it into them that they are in big trouble. Debbie got emotional as Sierra laid out her thoughts on the situation — just as Debbie had done to her days prior. Sierra was definitely not considering getting back in an alliance with them.

Moments later, Coach and Debbie discussed the situation in the river. She told Coach what JT had said about going to the final four with Stephen. Coach said in a confessional that he needed to get a concrete answer from JT regarding who he wanted to take to the end. He felt the former Timbira tribe was dead.


Day 30 arrived as Coach strategized with JT. Coach laid out his plan to take out Sierra, Erinn and then Taj. JT sat alongside the river and nodded in agreement. “I just reconfirmed at the next vote Sierra will be the one to go,” Coach said.

That’s when the deception started.

Coach used a lie to justify targeting Sierra. He told JT that Sierra had approached he and Debbie with the idea to bring the old Timbira alliance back. Even though it had happened the other way, Coach made it seem like Sierra was very conniving.

Stories Flip

But Sierra wasn’t keeping quiet. She went to Stephen and told him how Coach and Debbie came to her in an effort to renew the Timbira alliance. After that discussion, Stephen joined Coach and JT by the river. Coach continued his lie and said it made him sick to his stomach to think about bringing the Timbira alliance back. Stephen knew somebody was lying and was determined to find out who.

Rolling In The Maze

At the Immunity Challenge, Erinn returned from Exile and received a hug from Stephen. Then Probst explained the very very very simple challenge. It consisted of two rounds. In round one, the contestants needed to use a grappling hook to nab three bags out in a dirt field. The first three contestants to get all three of their bags would move on to the final round. The final round forced the contestants to roll a ball along a large maze.

With their toes on the line, everybody started tossing their grappling hooks trying grab the bags. JT, Taj, Debbie and Stephen all got their first bag relatively quickly. Soon after, both Coach and Sierra got one.

After another lackluster challenge this season, Coach, JT and Debbie were the first to snatch their three bags and squared off in the finals.

The three of them started rolling their ball along the maze filled with holes. It was a simple task — get the ball to the hole labeled “finish.” Everybody took a cautious approach as they moved the ball along the maze path trying to avoid all the holes. Although it got close in the end, Coach prevailed. As the ball dropped into the finish hole he declared, “You better believe it baby! Dragonslayer!” Coach won his first Immunity Challenge and wore the necklace proudly.


Back at camp, Coach was bragging about his performance in the challenge. “That was just my forte today,” he told JT.

Sierra Stands Her Ground

With Tribal Council looming, Sierra swore on the Holy Bible that Coach and Debbie had approached her to rekindle the Timbira alliance. She called Coach out in front of everybody. He tried to tell his side of the story, which was the exact opposite of what actually happened. He told the group that after Sierra got in Debbie’s face, they told her they wanted nothing to do with the former Timbira alliance. Sierra yelled, “You are such a liar.” An argument ensued as Debbie and Coach flipped, saying that Sierra was lying. Debbie started crying once again. Maybe this is a harsh thing to say, but it was hard for me to handle Debbie’s emotions — especially after she seemed so cruel to Sierra before the last Tribal Council. It’s amazing to see how people react when they get a dose of their own medicine. Nothing against you, Debbie, but I was just a bit surprised that you couldn’t take it.


After the vocal battle, Stephen and JT believed Sierra’s side of the story. “We definitely have the numbers to take out Debbie,” Stephen said. “I definitely think Debbie is a savvy gameplayer and she wants to win. She is willing to make devious moves. So, to take her out early might not be a bad idea.”

Scattered Votes

At Tribal Council, Debbie said there was a lot of pressure at this point in the game. Coach said that he is standing firm and as he talked about his status as an honest player, Sierra rolled her eyes.

Coach called Sierra the catalyst who was causing a breakdown within the Forza tribe. He said she was 23 going on 5 with her temper tantrums. Taj kind of laughed at the whole situation and compared it to watching a soap opera.

After everybody voted, Probst tallied it all up and revealed that Sierra was the next person ousted from Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands. But she only got four votes. Both Sierra and Taj voted against Debbie. Hmmm…Taj didn’t vote with Stephen and JT? Did they keep her out of the loop? Interesting. Erinn was on another playing field as she cast her vote against Stephen. Underneath his name she had written, “Never again. Swear.” Obviously she was angry that he had sent her to Exile. Will that decision have Erinn on the warpath against Stephen?

After the vote Probst said, “It’s clear the six of you are struggling to trust each other, and that means paranoia is just around the corner.”

Next week there is a Survivor auction and Taj gets a message from home. Debbie also proposes turning on Coach.


Images courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS.

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