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Survivor: Tocantins — Sierra Holds No Grudges

May 01, 2009 03:03 PM by Ryan Haidet


She was the person Timbira targeted on Day 1 when the tribes voted based on first impressions alone. But Sierra Reed was able to stick around long enough on Survivor: Tocantins — The Brazilian Highlands to make it to the jury. In a conference call with reporters, Sierra discussed her shock when Tyson was voted off, her impressions of Coach and the weird way she was selected for the show — Apparently eating tacos on the street is a good way to get noticed. Plus, she also hints at the possibility that she has been asked to return to play the game again.

Surprised By Tyson’s Elimination

Although her torch was snuffed in last night’s episode, Sierra said she was surprised it was Tyson who was voted off at the Tribal Council before. “I think the facial expressions say it all,” she said. “I exhaled right there. I could not believe that they took out Tyson. It was a really brilliant move and I wish my tribe would’ve been smart enough to get out of this stupid Warrior Alliance and be smart enough to take out the smartest player. I was very relieved, especially after he ran his mouth the whole entire day. I wasn’t even going to vote for him, to tell you the truth. That night I told him, ‘Look, when we go to Tribal Council don’t be a jerk to me. Just let me go quietly and I’ll be fine. Don’t frickin’ stir my pot.’ The moment we get there, he does. So I vote for him, I call him a jerk — and the funny thing is, he goes home packing. So I got the last laugh.”sierra-at-challenge

But she said there were no hard feelings once she became the third member of the jury and joined him at Ponderosa. “We poured a vat of olive oil down a slip-n-slide and ate all day long and we let by-gones be by-gones.”

“Coach Is A Liar”

Like most people this season, Sierra didn’t hold back her thoughts on the love-or-hate castaway — Coach. “My overall impression of Coach — there’s two different impressions,” the 23-year-old model from Los Angeles said. “There’s the one that you don’t see deep down inside. Then there’s Coach. Coach is a liar. I don’t think he means to be a liar. I think he loves to tell tall stories and loves to believe them in his mind that it’s an adventure; it’s a journey whenever he tells the story. And he feels like he’s experiencing it with whoever he’s telling it to. I think he played it up a lot for the cameras. A lot of things about him I think are completely obnoxious. I think last night, proclaiming yourself to be the most honest person in Survivor history is something you should not do if Sierra is going to come after you and out you,” she laughed. “I think it was a really bad move on him to say he wasn’t going to lie and he was going to change the game, because I was gonna do everything I possibly could to make sure if I was leaving that they would know he was completely full of BS.”


The Lies

Sierra said it was frustrating to watch Coach and Debbie lie about approaching her for an alliance. “It made me almost kick the TV, I screamed so loud,” she said. “It feels like when you’re a kid. Have you ever said something to a friend and they don’t believe you? Or when you’re a kid and you’re like, ‘Mom I swear I didn’t break it.’ You’re like clenching your fists, but no one believes you. It’s insane when the person who’s lying is the one who’s telling you that you’re the liar. It is extremely frustrating. But I think I did a great job of making sure he most definitely looked like a liar to America and to our tribe.”


And it apparently worked, because Sierra said most everybody else believed her side of the story. “JT and Stephen did believe me, but unfortunately it didn’t really matter. If you’re watching JT and Stephen right now, it doesn’t matter what order Timbira is being plucked out as, we’re all getting plucked out nonetheless. And they’re all going to be there for each other.”

She said that Stephen is definitely controlling the game at this point. “After Tyson went home it was pretty obvious that they were running the game. And I think it was a cool combination — city slicker/country boy. I think that the true ringleader is obviously Stephen. I mean he was a Yale student who’s extremely brilliant and he played the game really well. … Wow, Stephen. I thought you were this quiet, little meek chipmunk and you’re this super mastermind.”


No Hard Feelings

Even though people weren’t always nice to her during her stay in Brazil, Sierra said she doesn’t hold any grudges. “I’m not angry or bitter at anyone. I think that no one should be angry or bitter. I think it’s a game and I think that, yeah they treated me like crap. But I don’t have to live with that. They have to live with sitting down and watching that every night with their parents, their loved ones or whoever, and being really extremely embarrassed. And I don’t. I’m the only one this season that doesn’t have to be.”


Sierra says that Debbie was simply scrambling to save her own hide and that’s why she got so upset during the confrontation. “She was breaking down emotionally, because I think she was conflicted on whether or not she should lie. And she did lie. She did. And I do at one point look at the floor after I fight with both of them and she’s crying. I say, ‘Look, Debbie, after this is all said and done, I want to sit down with you one day and get a drink and be friends with you and I want to know you.’ And Taj looked at me and said, ‘That was really big of you.’ It was really hard for me to say that, but I do care about these people, and Debbie is a good person. She was just trying to stay in the game and you can’t really hate her for that. And so was Coach, but the only reason I got mad at Coach and outed him for it is because he proclaimed himself to not be a liar. That pissed me off. I’m going to out you if you’re telling us you’re the best player in the game ’cause you’re not a liar. Debbie didn’t say that.”



Sierra said that Debbie’s strategy was very obvious. “Here’s how the females work in this game — they attach themselves to a stronger player. Most of the time, the stronger players are males. Unless you all align as females together — then it’s a totally different strategy. When you make a relationship with people in an alliance you bond together with them and then you close off your other options. So early on she (Debbie) made an alliance with Tyson, her and Coach. She bonded with them closely and then when we merged together and Tyson was gone, she still only knew and could only feel out Coach. The rest of the people she was just beginning to understand because she had to now.”

Chow On A Taco — Get Picked For Survivor

But all the arguments and strategy would never have happened had she not been in the right place at the right time. “They (producers) came up to me three weeks before they were leaving and I was eating a taco on Sunset. And they were like, ‘Hey you’re super cute, wanna do Survivor?’ I said, ‘No, but I’ll do that show Amazing Race.’ And they’re like, ‘Um, no we’re not casting for that.’”

Even though she was more interested in the Amazing Race, Sierra said she simply couldn’t say no. “I’m really attracted to traveling — I’ve pretty much lived all over the world. I was attracted mostly to the part where they travel. I went in for my interviews and I had fun with it, then the asked me to be a part of the show.”

Play Again?

And in many of Jeff Probst’s blogs on EW.com, he has mentioned that he would love to have Sierra back for another All-Stars season. Although she has said in the past that she wouldn’t be interested in playing again, Sierra says she has since changed her mind. “I would do it absolutely again, and I guarantee you they will call me! I’ve had people already kind of asking me, ‘Are you sure you wouldn’t do it again?’”


Images courtesy of Monty Brinton/CBS.

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