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Celebrity Apprentice: Chicken of the Sea Jingle!

May 03, 2009 08:01 PM by Candace Young


On NBC’s last episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Melissa Rivers was fired and lost control. An irate Joan Rivers left the show behind her. Jesse James, Clint Black, Annie Duke, and Brande Roderick speculated as to whether Joan would return or not. This week, Clint is surprised by his brother, Kevin, and gives him the $20,000 for the Rhett’s Syndrome Foundation – Clint’s niece, Kevin’s daughter, died from the disease. When the four contestants arrive for the task delivery at Trump Tower, Joan Rivers is not there, but surprises them by emerging from the elevator at the last minute! Tonight, three celebrities will be fired in anticipation of the finale next week!

Donald Trump announces that this week they’ll be working with Chicken of the Sea tuna! The executives say they will be assigned the task of creating a new, original jingle for the Chicken of the Sea product. Athena team is stunned – KOTU has Clint Black! Don Jr. and Ivanka are Donald’s right hands. KOTU chooses Clint as the project manager again – with Jesse grinning, and saying he likes Clint now! Annie will be project manager for Athena.

Brande and Annie are certain that they’ll be going to the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom – neither one of them know anything about writing a jingle! They meet with the executives and ask for three key words that describe the product. KOTU meets with the execs as well, and focus on whether or not they should use humor in the jingle. Brande and Annie are in the car on the way to the studio, and Brande pokes fun at herself as she sings the current jingle off-key. Annie says if her musical abilities are slim – Brande’s are none!

Clint and company also arrive at their studio – Clint is thrilled! Joan and Jesse begin work on the commercial, while Clint gets right to writing music with his acoustic guitar. Joan and Jesse are very pleased with his results – calling it magical!


KOTU is recording their jingle with the band, when Joan asks Jesse if he thinks it should be peppier. Jesse makes the suggestion, and Clint does a more up-tempo version, but still feels more comfortable with the slower one. Don Jr. is visiting with Athena on Celebrity Apprentice, and they admit to being worried about going up against Clint. Back in KOTU’s headquarters, Joan is trying to inject some humor with a clucking chicken sound at the end of the jingle, but Clint says it’s risky. Ivanka peeks in and suggests that it might be a bit too old-fashioned. Clint admits that they wanted something contemporary. Ivanka wonders if Clint will listen!

Athena heads into the Celebrity Apprentice studio with the musicians that will perform their jingle, and also tape Brande’s voiceover for their commercial. Annie points out that Brande tends not to be a creative force, so she’s given her full ownership of the thirty-second spot! KOTU is also recording their voices, but aren’t happy with the voice actors, so Joan and Jesse decide they’ll do it themselves. Back in the Athena studio, Annie struggles to get her musical ideas across to the musician doing their jingle.

Joan and Jesse are having trouble getting studio time for the commercial as Clint tinkers with the jingle recording. They finally manage to slip in and do two takes and are satisfied. Back with Athena, Brande and Annie realize that they have actually created a catchy jingle on Celebrity Apprentice – everyone in the room is bobbing their head to the tune!

Heading to the Celebrity Apprentice rehearsal and presentation day for the Chicken of the Sea jingles, Brande and Annie are confident and choose a female singer almost right away. When Clint rehearses his jingle on the stage, Joan says, “Cluck, cluck, cluck, splash!” at the end. Clint again rejects the idea of injecting humor.


The executives arrive, and Annie tells them she is excited because their jingle is so perky! In the end, they are very pleased with their presentation. KOTU is up next. Clint sings his jingle as Joan walks silently past with a Chicken of the Sea sign. Then the commercial spot featuring Joan and Jesse plays. They are also confident.

KOTU and Athena arrive in the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom. Donald Trump tells Clint he appeared to have a big advantage, and asks how he thinks he did. Clint notes that they did a humorous commercial spot along with their jingle. Donald asks Annie if she feels they were at a disadvantage. Annie says they found their heart – they just attacked it! Annie tells Donald that she thinks her jingle is better than the commercial. Donald plays it, and the girls proudly sing along! Clint says it was lyrical and musical – everyone has music in them. Jesse likes theirs better, and Joan says their jingle was adorable, but theirs is different. Donald plays it too. Annie and Brande note that the jingles were very, very different – it depends what the brand wants.

Don Jr says that the Chicken of the Sea executives were concerned that Athena’s ad didn’t mention that the tuna comes in a pouch. Ivanka says they loved KOTU’s work, but weren’t sure that everyone would like the country music. Donald Trump then announces that the executives chose Annie and Brande’s jingle and commercial. He tells Clint that they respected his work, but were concerned that country wouldn’t reach their very broad base of consumers. Annie and Brande leave the boardroom with Annie crying tears of pride over winning the task and the money for her refugee charity!

In the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom, Donald and Ivanka tell Clint Black that they actually liked his more, but Ivanka points out that Athena mentioned the Chicken of the Sea brand more times. Joan and Jesse say that they wanted the jingle to be more upbeat and also wanted to inject some humor. Ivanka listens to, and then rejects Joan’s clucking chicken idea. Donald asks Joan who she would fire. Joan says she can’t stand this – but finally says the project manager, Clint. Donald points out that Clint has lost before, and he called the shots this time – it has to be him – Clint is fired! Clint exits gracefully, and Jesse and Joan return to the suite, where Joan refuses to speak to Annie and Brande.


The final four Celebrity Apprentice competitors are called back to the boardroom from the suite. Donald tells them congratulations, but tonight he is going to fire two more people. He tells them they will undergo an interview with last season’s controversial winner, Piers Morgan, and he will give his recommendations. They retire to the waiting room, and then Brande is called in first to see Piers.

The final four Celebrity Apprentice competitors are called back to the boardroom from the suite. Donald tells them congratulations, but tonight he is going to fire two more people. He tells them they will undergo an interview with last season’s controversial winner, Piers Morgan, and he will give his recommendations. They retire to the waiting room, and then Brande is called in first to see Piers. She tells him that she’s been having a great time. He asks her about being referred to as not bright – she tells him she knows she is smart, but she’s also nice. Piers later tells Donald that Brande isn’t smart enough to be in the final two – it would be an insult to the show!

Joan is next to speak with Piers Morgan on Celebrity Apprentice. He confronts her about whether or not she’s a quitter, and about her defensiveness where Melissa is concerned. They argue about Annie, and Joan says if it came down to her against Annie she would kill to beat her! Piers later tells Donald Trump that he feels Joan got too personal about things, but she has amazing energy!

Piers Morgan interviews Annie next on Celebrity Apprentice. He characterizes her as the most intelligent of the bunch. During their talk, he questions her about Joan Rivers likening her to Hitler, and accuses her of thinking she’s smarter than the rest of them. Piers later tells Donald that Annie has tripped Joan up by getting her to become so personal.

Jesse James is the last to be interviewed by Piers, who tells him that he confounds him. Piers later tells Trump that there must be something going on with Jesse – he’s married to Sandra Bullock! Piers asks Jesse about his refusal to solicit funds for charity from his wife and her friends. Jesse looks like he wants to kill Piers as he says that he keeps his life with his wife separate from Celebrity Apprentice. Jesse also disagrees that the game is all about raising money for charity! Piers tells Donald Trump that he would like to see Jesse bring that kind of passion into the competition!

The four finalists meet with Donald Trump, Don Jr, and Ivanka again in the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom. Donald gives Annie a chance to speak to her strengths, and to say who she would choose to compete against – Joan. Ivanka calls her on her choice, and Donald points out that Annie really does have an edge! Brande surprises Donald by saying that she thinks she is the only one who could compete against Annie. Joan says Brande is out of her league and doesn’t know it. Brande toots her own horn, but Ivanka calls her out for using Annie as a crutch in past tasks. Donald tells Brande that Piers said it would be an embarrassment if she made the final two – but he disagrees – he thinks she’s great. However, he doesn’t feel she has what it takes to be the Celebrity Apprentice – Brande’s fired!

Donald turns to Jesse James in the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom, and asks him if he’s been holding back. Jesse says that’s just what Donald sees in the boardroom. Donald then asks Joan if she thinks she has the stamina – Joan says she does, and Ivanka agrees. Donald asks Jesse what it would mean to him to be in the final two. Jesse says it would mean a lot to him – and he thinks that some aspects of the competition are beyond Joan – that’s why Donald should keep him. They wonder if Jesse is saving all his ammunition for the final task, with Donald saying that he respects him keeping his wife out of it, but not that he hasn’t raised any money so far. Donald says, “You’re fired.”

On next week’s Celebrity Apprentice season finale, Joan Rivers will be up against Annie Duke. Donald advises them to forget about getting along personally at this point and just get ready to focus on the final task!

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