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Jon & Kate Plus 8: Friends Come To Jon’s Defense

May 03, 2009 01:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


Jon & Kate plus 8dad, Jon Gosselin, isn’t the only one coming to his defense over recent infidelity rumors. Some of his friends have spoken out regarding Jon’s night out without wife Kate. We’ve got all the details for you…

PEOPLE has reported that one of Jon’s friends, Pat Fagan, a bouncer at the Legends Lounge where Jon was spotted with another woman, is calling this rumor ridiculous. “They seemed like casual friends. There was no romantic anything. They weren’t gazing into each other eyes,” said Fagan. He also denies the rumors that Jon goes out minus his wedding band, saying, “He always has his wedding band on. He talks about his kids all the time. He loves his family.”

Another friend, Dustin Sands, says that Jon just needs some time away from his hectic lifestyle of raising kids and being on TV. “The guy just needs to be cut some slack once in while when he wants to relax a bit,” says Sands. Jon did make a statement regarding the fact that he isn’t going to give up his friendships just because he is in the public eye. Sands continues, “They have their disagreements but he’s a family-oriented guy,” says Sands. “I don’t think he’d put that on the line.”

Jon’s friend, Brian Sep, comments, “He’s just hanging out, relaxing with his friends. Honestly, he doesn’t go out that much. It seems like he’s on house lockdown. He’s a full-time Dad.”

TLC has announced Jon & Kate plus 8‘s fifth season will premiere on Monday, May 25 at 9PM ET/PT.

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