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Dancing With The Stars: Gilles And Cheryl Interview Eachother

May 04, 2009 01:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


Dancing With The Starscouple Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke recently sat down on the set of ET to grill each other. In this candid interview, they quizone another to discover their guiltiest pleasuresandwhat they like most about dancingtogether. Keep reading to for the entire interview…

First Cheryl asks Gilles, what is the best part about dancing with me? He responds, “Wow, there’s so many best things. I really think that just being with you is the best thing -creating that passion, it’s something new in my life… I’m 31 years old and it’s great. You smell good.” Cheryl laughs and Gilles says, “Hey, eight hours a day with a sweaty person and you still smell good that’s a plus! You’re very supportive, and no matter what anybody thinks you are an angel to me.”

Then Gilles takes the mic and asks Cheryl what she thinks his most annoying habit is. She says, “Making excuses for every little thing you do that is wrong.” (Hey, that sounds like every man I’ve ever known- maybe he does have a flaw) Gilles doesn’t argue saying, “That’s me!” He then asks her what her guilty pleasure is and Cheryl responds, “I like to sleep alot.” However, when Cheryl asks Gilles the same question the answer is quite different. Gilles says, “Definitely, sex,” to which Cheryl laughs, “Gilles… is that guilty?” He tells her, “Yea, when it’s rough.” “Okay, a little too much information,” she says. (Ok,now he definitely IS just likeevery other guyI’ve ever known.)

Then Cheryl asksabout thecraziest fan encounter that Gilles has had. He tells her about the time that a fan actually ripped his shirt off as he was walking into ABC and took it with them. (I mean, who wouldn’t have?) Gilles asks Cheryl a much more serious question about whether or not she thinks they have what it takes to win this season. She responds, “Definitely, if you keep up your positive attitude… and we work really really hard. I think you’re very talented. You’re one of the most talented celebrities I’ve ever danced with.”

Gilles ends the interview by asking Cheryl what she wants for her birthday, which was on Sunday. Cheryl says, “I would like for you to dance the best Fox Trot and Rumba ever.”

Be sure to tune in tonight to see if Chery’s birthday wish will come true!

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Photo Credit: etonline.com

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