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American Idol: Exit Interview With Matt Giraud

May 05, 2009 11:03 AM by Britteny Elrick


After being spared by the judges for the first time in American Idol history, Matt Giraud was finally sent home last week. With his soulful voice and amazing musical talent, we are guessing that it won’t be the last you’ll see of Matt. Find out what he had to tell reporters about his recent elimination…

Question: Matt, we’ve got to know about those pictures they always show of you in the choir robe. Tell us what that is. How old were you went that was and was that in the , Detroit and kind of what was that and how did that affect your music?

Matt Giraud: That was actually in the Redford area, close to Detroit and I had the lead role in a little Angels Aware Christmas play, I think I was maybe 11 or 12, somewhere around there. I had like 72 lines and I was Michael the Archangel and it’s really embarrassing.

Question:You had an early start doing that kind of thing, how did that affect your…

Matt Giraud:That was kind of the only musical thing I did as a kid and then I kind of took a break and then kind of got back into drumming. But how did that affect me? I kind of like the stage, but I needed some time to get used to it.

Question:Hello, I was wondering, how did you feel when Simon said he loved your performance Tuesday, yet Randy and Kara did not? That’s really unusual.

Matt Giraud:Yes, Kara is usually on my side, but you know what, it was a great way to go out, because going out with Simon calling you brilliant and comparing you to Nat King Cole that’s pretty much the best way I could go. I mean it’s better than going out like “That’s the worse you’ve ever done, have a good day.”

Question:Did you expect yourself to be out last night, especially once you ended up standing next to Adam?

Matt Giraud:You know I didn’t know for sure, but I was ready for it and I was preparing what I was going to say and trying to prepare myself mentally for such a hard thing to deal with.

Question:Your performance, your actual performance of “My Funny Valentine,” I thought it was one of your best performances. I was just wondering what was going through your head at that moment after you were eliminated.

Matt Giraud:You know what, I was at complete peace with myself, because I went out doing what I love to do, Jazz Week in the matter of dreams. That’s what I wanted to do, play piano, I wanted play jazz and meet my idols and I actually accomplished everything I had to do. So I knew I did a good job and I appreciated Simon’s comments and I’m moving on.

Question:Would you support bringing the save back next year do you think?

Matt Giraud:Yes, for sure, it’s a great thing. I don’t think it was a waste of time at all, because it shows people that the judges can see something in someone. They didn’t pick me because of my looks, they picked me because they saw something in my talent and that’s a good thing.

Question:I just wondered, how did it feel when you were standing up there, were you surprised, actually at the bottom three, because I know there were a lot of gasps in the audience?

Matt Giraud:I was definitely surprised that Adam was down there with me, it was kind of a cruel twist to have him pick who he thought was the lowest vote getters and stuff. And we kind of played with him backstage saying, why didn’t you pick us to be the highest vote getters or whatever? Kind of playing with him. But it felt kind of uncomfortable, but I’ve been there before, so I could deal with it.

Question:Maybe he thought that the other group was the lower vote and that’s why he joined them because he didn’t like his performance.

Matt Giraud:I don’t know. He didn’t really like his performance, but I thought he was great. We all did a good show.

Question:Good. I was wondering what you found the most challenging about your time on Idol.

Matt Giraud:Probably song choice, because there’s a million songs that you love and that move you, but then picking a song that actually you sing â⬔ picking a song that you sing well is the harder part or picking a song that’s good for you is a different part. So that was the most challenging thing was picking good songs. But at this point, I’m still going to just keep doing the music that moves me, no matter if the judges like it or not. Now it’s about the simple passion of music.

Question:I’ll try to be diplomatic. Actually Matt I’m out here in Michigan and wondering if in the interim between now and the final show, are you planning to come back here and do anything in particular? And what kind of vibe have you gotten from the Detroit/Ypsilanti/Kalamazoo area during the run?

Matt Giraud:You know they have definitely pulled through; I’ve even gotten a call from the governor at one point, wishing me luck. And I’m probably going to be back in town at some point next week. I don’t think I’ll be performing or anything, but I just cannot wait to get home and see everyone. And the vibe from Michigan has been amazing. Everyone has been so supportive and I cannot wait to see everyone again.

Question:As you look ahead now, obviously you’re going to get a chance to make an album, what’s your vision of that, what kind of record do you see yourself making?

Matt Giraud:You know I’d actually like to get more into the rock or some soulful rock, maybe like a twist of blues on it. I’d love to get back into the â⬔ I’d love to see myself as a lead man with a piano and a band around me and touring and doing good music, maybe to the likes of Gavin DeGraw and the Fray and stuff like that.

Question:Good. I wanted to ask, I know that the judges gave you a hard time whenever you chose to sing kind of the rock vibe thing, did that affect the way you chose your songs throughout the season?

Matt Giraud:It did a little bit, but not that much. I still picked the songs, even if they were more rocky, I still picked them if they moved me and if I

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