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American Idol Recap 05/05/09: Rock Week and Duets

May 05, 2009 07:10 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on American Idol, there was an incident on set before the show began when the stage manager fell off the stairs. She was rushed to the hospital with a gash in her leg and due to broken glass and tilted props, the studio was cleared and rehearsal was canceled as the set was repaired. The Top 4 took on a new genre and a new mentor as this is rock week and the legendary rocker and lead guitarist from Guns and Roses and now solo performer, Slash was the mentor tonight for the Top 4. The singers also paired up to perform duets and each contestant had two chances to sing for you!


Adam Lambert was first up tonight singing, Want a Whole Lotta Love. Slash told Adam to tone down the higher register as he sings and he will do fine. Adam killed the performance.

Randy Jackson said that this is the Adam that I love and you are a rock star waiting to happen. Kara DioGuardi said you are a rock God. Paula Abdul said the band was great and you are a whole lot of perfect. Simon Cowell said that the song could have been a complete disaster but it was one of my favorite performances you have ever done. Nobody can top that now.


Next Allison Iraheta sang, Cry Baby. Slash wanted her to give up the fear and go out and rock it, which she did.

Randy said you can sing your face off but I didn’t like the song choice for you. I didn’t love this, it wasn’t that great for me. Kara said Janis is the right choice for you but maybe Piece Of My Heart. Were you nervous tonight? Paula said I think you are downright fearless. If they do a bio pic on Janis, you got the role. Simon said I thought you had complete confidence up there and it was a terrific vocal but it was a bit sound-a-like.

The first duet tonight was from Danny Gokey and Kris Allen. They sang, Renegade and other than great harmonies, the song wasn’t that great.

Randy said the individual vocals were okay, but the harmonies were a blast. Kara said I liked some of the parts better, but together it was united and strong. Paula said it was powerful. Simon said I don’t know what to say, who was better…Danny you were better than Kris.


Kris Allen then took the stage alone singing, Come Together. Slash told Kris to be more animated when he played the guitar. Kris was smooth with his vocals tonight.

Randy said I know you are not a rocker, but I appreciate you picking something that you can still be Kris Allen onand I loved you playing the guitar. Kara said you definately are the softer side of rock and for me this was not your best performance. Paula said it is kind of risky to do a Beatles song, but your signature was all over it. Simon said I actually didn’t like it that much and it was rather like eating ice for lunch…leaving you with nothing to remember afterwards.


The last of the Top 4 singing their solo tonight was Danny Gokey. He sang, Dream On. Slash said that Danny is naturally gifted vocal wise and his routine could go either way when he gets up there in front of the judges.

Randy said once again I know this is not your genre and I will give you anA+ for a valiant effort. Kara said I think you took it a little too far and I don’t see you on this type of song, but I commend you on taking chances. Paula said I know this is a tricky genre for you and I don’t know if this is the song for you, but I am a huge fan of yours. Simon said the last note was like watching a horror movie and was a bit over the top. I still think you are going to be safe tonight though.

The second duet tonight was by Allison and Adam singing, Slow Ride. They are a great team when it comes to singing this genre and they both shone on the stage!

Randy said you guys are the two seasoned rock stars in the house. Kara said this is when a duet is right. Paula said the two of you are the perfect blend and youshould do a duet together. Simon said in the battle of the duets you win the show tonight and Adam you may have allowed this one (Allison) a chance to stay in the show tonight.

Tomorrow night one more of the contestants will be going home? Who is your favorite? Visit our American Idol message boards and tell us what you think!

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