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Real World New York: Interview With Andre Comeau

May 05, 2009 05:48 PM by Joe Reality


Neal Damiano, freelance journalist, recently caught up with an old favorite from Real World New York, Andre Comeau. Comeau answered questions about his time on the original season of Real World and about what he’s been dong since those days.

RTVM: How did you get cast for Real World?

Andre: My record company at the time received info on the show from MTV, and they recommended I audition.

RTVM: Who did you relate to the most in the house?

Andre: The production crew.

RTVM: Do you think being on Real World helped with Reigndance at all?

Andre: No, not at all, MTV at that time was all about Nirvana, Pearl Jam and that scene.

RTVM: What was the best part of being on the Real World?

Andre: It wasn’t the money I can assure you.

RTVM: Tell us about the band you were in while on the Real World, Reigndance.

Andre: We are still great friends.

RTVM: Tell us about River Rouge your new band, and how it was formed.

Andre: We have been together for quite some time. We started as a rock band called Milkweed then morphed into the acoustic Andre Comeau Band. Then I changed the name to River Rouge to regain some mystique and to dispel the misconceptions some have of male singer/songwriters.

RTVM: What do you like most about playing music?

Andre: I like playing music because I feel totally comfortable on stage, much more so than I do one on one, I love performing.

RTVM: Who are your musical influences?

Andre: Bob Dylan, Beatles, Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Allison Krauss & Union Station, Tony Rice, Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, Elliot Smith, Chuck Berry, CCR, Iron & Wine, Faces, Hank Williams, Stones, Neil Young, etc.

RTVM: Do you write all your own lyrics, and where do the ideas come from?

Andre: I write all my own songs both words and music. I have no idea where my ideas come from they just appear.

RTVM: Do you think the music style you play is underappreciated this generation?

Andre: I think most good music is underappreciated in its day. I kind of hope it doesn’t catch on in the mainstream because I will then have to not like it anymore.

More information about Andre’s band can be found on their official MySpace page.

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Photo Credit: Andre Comeau MySpace

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