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The Biggest Loser Chooses The Final Two; America Will Choose The Third

May 05, 2009 08:53 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser sends the remaining four to their homes for the next thirty days to have a taste of life as ordinary citizens. With the finale only a week away, this week will certainly challenge the assumption the all made to “Never go back there” (their old weight) as they will be tempted to eat poorly and not exercise while at home. When they do come back toThe Biggest Loser ranch, two will fall below the yellow line and America will determine the wild card going into the finale.

All of the Losers headed home with the gatherings of family and friends awaiting the transformation that would amaze and shock most who had no idea how much thy had changed. Even with all of the excitement, the Losers were confident but apprehensive to be without their trainers and the regular exercise schedule that was their experience at the ranch.

Mike and Ron were now a tag-team of exercise and nutrition when before Mike was a quiet closet eater whose car was as much his kitchen as was his home. Ron knew he had not set a good example for his family and know he and Mike both knew that brother, Max, was now in line to be put back on a healthy course.


Helen and Tara had their own ghost to face as we saw Helen pulling out her old clothes from her closet and cry as she exclaimed “I can’t believe I thought this was OK.” Tara, too, was getting back to reality as she came face-to-face with one of her many rewards, (I think she won most everything) and saw her kitchen make-over from week fifteen. As if complete new appliances weren’t enough, the kitchen was stocked with all kinds ofThe Biggest Loser products and Jennie-O-my-gosh look at all that healthy food.

But this is still a game and no sooner did the Losers settle in did they each get a box from Host, Allison Sweeny, explaining that in 26 days, they would each be participating in a full marathon, which sent them all reeling. Not to be alarmed as the trainers would be seeing them all before the event and getting them physically and mentally prepared.

Jillian was with Mike first and it seemed as if Mike was not OK. Mike admits to being stressed about the marathon and was concerned about his brother, Max. Mike was so torn because he knew that he was still in the thick of the game and would have to center on himself at the moment. Jillian has turned out to be as much as the mental guru as Bob as she refocused Mike inward and dealt with his issues with his family being heavy. In a great moment, Jillian told Mike that he needs to feel the depth of that pain before he can come through on the other side.


Jillian then headed to Tara’s house and was shocked to find her room a complete disaster. Jillian again had to deal with a mental breakdown of sorts as Tara explained that she was afraid to move back as she wasn’t sure she wanted her old life back. Tara even admitted that after working out for six hours, she then went to the grocery store and opened up a bag of chips. Jillian then told her that she went from a compulsive overeater to an exercise fiend and that she has to find a balance.

Bob’s lone recruit, Ron, was next to be visited and since he only had one stop to make, decide to train both Ron and his son Max to get them centered on an exercise routine. Bob then had Ron take him on a nutrition mission and had Ron take him to his weekend hangouts, which usually included some fatty cheeseburgers, fries and shakes. Bob made an impact on Ron when he cut the cheeseburger in hald to illustrate the calorie intake of 600 calories and then urged him to head to Subway to fill his nutritional needs.


Helen was next up to be visited and Jillian immediately saw how she came to be at the ranch. After the crying from Helen ceased, Helen was trying to make Jillian happy, along with the rest of her family and finally Jillian said foe her to sit down, have a glass of wine and relax. Helen finally admitted to being tired and not wanting to let anyone down. Unfortunately, she was letting herself down the most by not centering on herself.

Marathon time in Malibu and Mike was suffering from a hurt hip and was supposed to walk the marathon. The Losers hit the road and a nice surprise was that past winners and contestants joined in at certain mile markers to give some support, along with friends and family that had come as well.


Ali Vincent was running with Tara and could we be looking at two winners there? Michelle was helping Helen along and Bernie was there to encourage Mike. In the end, Tara continued her winning ways by finishing at 4 hours and 56 minutes. Helen finishes about an hour later and Mike walked it in 8 hours and 58 minutes. Ron, bad knees and all, put in 13 hours and 16 minutes and had a whole entourage of friends, family and contestants from season’s past to finish in grand style.


Meanwhile back at the ranch, the thirty days are up and time for the final weigh-in to set the finale. Allison explained that was for all of the marbles and that America would help to set the final three but that the yellow line would give us two of the three.

Ron lost 10 pounds for a 3.46% weight loss

Mike lost 10 pounds for a 4.46% weight loss

Helen lost 7 pounds for a 4.58% weight loss

Tara lost 10 pounds to continue her superhuman efforts for a dynamic 5.92% at home and a trip to the finale for a chance to win it all against Helen and who ever America chooses to be against them.


Ron and Mike took to the camera for a final plea and it was no surprise to see Ron completing his mission and asking America to give his son a chance to finish what he had started in the finale. There is no one who hasn’t been watching the show, who wouldn’t want to see a Tara/Mike showdown with the two that truly broke records all season that may take a while to break.

Between the dominance of Tara, the sheer determination of Mike, should America vote that way, and the inspirational Helen, this has got to be the best season ofThe Biggest Loser ever.

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