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American Idol: Danny Might Be Going Home

May 06, 2009 11:00 AM by Britteny Elrick


Although Danny Gokey has been a fan favorite since the beginning, could it finally be the end of the road for this soulful contestant? Danny’s performance did not impress the judges last night, in fact,Simon Cowell compared his ending noteto something out of a horror movie. Unfortunately, he was right. Tonight is a big night as it will determine which three contestants will be the final three…

As Ryan Seacrest said last night, Danny has never before been in the bottom three, but that might change tonight. The judges not only disliked his individual performance, but they preferred Adam and Allison’s duet overDanny and Kris’ as well. However, Danny has gotten some rough criticism over the past couple weeks regarding his song choices and the fans have had his back, so maybe, just maybe he’ll squeeze through to the finals.

Another one who may be in trouble is Kris. Kris was in the bottom three last week along with Adam and Matt and this week he couldn’t seem to catch a break. The judges did not appreciate his song choice tonight or the arrangement. Even when he sang the duet with Danny, Simon said that out of the two of them “Danny was better.” Bad news for Kris? Definitely.

Although Adam was in the bottom last week, I feel that will only energize his fan base and propel him back into the top. He is the only one that I feel will be safe. Allison is a wild card. I personally don’t think she will make the final two, but I can’t determine if she’ll go this week or next. My ideal situation: Kris and Adam battle it out… who would you like to see?

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