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American Idol Results Show 06/05: No Doubt and Daughtry Perform!

May 06, 2009 07:02 PM by Candace Young


Ryan Seacrest begins the American Idol results show by saying that there were over 64 million votes last night by FOX viewers! Ryan notes that the Top 3 finalists will be revealed tonight. He then introduces the judges. Ryan announces that No Doubt will be performing tonight, along with American Idol alum Chris Daughtry, and, in a first on FOX - Paula Abdul will take the stage herself! The latest Ford Focus music video is played, before the Top 4 perform School’s Out live with Slash on guitar!

The Top Four are seated on the stage. Danny says that Wednesday nights are the most tiring on Idol! Kris says he never expected to make it this far – Simon Cowell tells him they don’t want humble anymore! Ryan asks Danny about his final note the night before – he says he watched the playback and laughed the whole night – even his own aunt muted the television!

Ryan says it’s time to welcome Idol’s very own Paula Abdul, who has been a recording star for over two decades, but has never graced the American Idol stage! I’m Just Here For the Music is Paula’s song. She takes the stage at the top of a staircase, bathed in red light. As she descends the stairs, she is accompanied by dancing men in suits. She prances around singing the sultry pop tune in stilettos, and even does a stage dive into the men’s arms at one point! The audience applauds and cheers wildly as she finishes!

No Doubt is the next to perform on the Idol stage. Gwen Stefani and company come out and rock audience with I’m Just a Girl! After the song, Ryan tells Gwen that she was making him nervous running around like that! He announces that No Doubt is kicking off a huge new tour in Vegas next week – and they’re hoping to find inspiration for a new album on the road!


Ryan next announces that the three finalists that survive tonight’s cut on American Idol, will then get the chance to go home and become ‘hometown heroes’! A montage is shown of past Idol finalists who were welcomed home to huge fan turnouts! Ryan points to three stools on the stage that are reserved for the Top Three! The four finalists line up on the stage. Ryan calls Allison’s name first, then Danny’s name, then Adam’s – he reviews their judge’s remarks from the previous night. Humble Kris is called last, and his critiques are read as well. Ryan sends one to safety – it’s Kris!

Next on American Idol, Ryan Seacrest introduces Daughtry singing their new song No Surprise. Chris was a competitor who was shockingly eliminated from Idol before reaching the Top Three in Season Five! After the song, Ryan notes that when Chris was on the show they didn’t allow contestants to use instruments. Ryan, along with Kris, then presents Chris Daughtry with a plaque commemorating five million albums sold!

Ryan is now ready to reveal the second person who has made it into the American Idol Top Three – it’s Adam! He strides across the stage and hugs Kris! Ryan then says, that after the record-setting vote, Danny is safe! Allison is going home tonight. She wipes away tears to sing one last song on the Idol stage. Ryan says next week will be Judge’s pick, as well as Personal Choice for the Top Three!

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Photos Courtesy: FOX

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