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Hell’s Kitchen Final Two Get Ready To Square Off

May 07, 2009 09:01 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen gives us the final two in Paula and Danny as they will each design their own restaurant with their own menus for the final face-off on who will have their own restaurant at the Borgata in Atlantic City. As Danny says, “This is for all of the marbles” and there has never been a better time to bring out your A-Game in order to impress Chef Gordon Ramsay.With the upstart Danny against a very consistent Paula, it will be an interesting battle of very different chefs and personalities. In the end, it will be the leadership traits they will bring to the table as well as their ability to stay calm under the most extreme pressure that Chef Ramsay brings that will ultimately give us the winner of Hell’s Kitchen Season 5.

Chef Ramsay begins by congratulating the two remaining chefs as they were treated to giant banners of themselves dropping down in front of what would be their own restaurants they each would be crafting. With the importance of the task at hand, Chef Ramsay told them that this was the time to be creative and then told them to “Piss off” and sent them up to begin the planning process for the task ahead.

Unfortunately, the pair decided to party just a bit too much-until after two in the AM- and neither of them was excited to hear the alarm go off at 6:00 in the morning as they awoke to design their restaurants and menus. Danny’s concept seemed a little bizarre as he seemed insistent on hanging big fish on the walls and decided to call his restaurant the Velvet Hammer. Paula was looking to be a bit more upscale in her approach as she decided to call hers, Sunergy, but we were left wondering as to hat that meant. Names not withstanding, they each seemed to have a better handle on their signature dishes.


Chef Ramsay then gets the two together to tell them that will be making another trip to the Borgata in Atlantic City to take care of some details concerning the restaurant one of them will be operating. Whatever they do, don’t let Danny put fish all over the walls. Ramsay also told them that they can’t leave their restaurants unattended and that they each would have two special advisors to oversee their restaurant preparations, two members of their families and they had five minutes to put across their vision before they left town.

The family members immediately start to do the best they can as Danny and Paula leave with Chef Ramsay for Atlantic City. Trouble brews quickly as Paula’s candle idea is shot down by the fire marshal and Danny’s girlfriend is very strong on her opinions as to what she thinks Danny wants in his restaurant. When Danny and Paula get to Atlantic City, Chef Ramsay lets them have a video conference with the families to check on their progress, or lack there of.


It wasn’t all fun and games while in Atlantic City as the pair was met by staff members of the resort and the Chief Operation Officer of the Borgata, Larry Mullin. Chef Ramsay then told the two chefs that they were going to be preparing dishes requested by Mullins for their last challenge and they had forty-five minutes to each cook three dishes.

Danny prepares Caribbean Jerk Lobster Tail, a crispy duck salad and a pan-seared filet of beef and Paula cooks up a warm wild mushroom salad, shellfish medley and a roasted black sea bass. The chef from the Borgata chooses Paula’s salad to give her an early lead. Paula’s seafood medley vs Danny’s crispy duck salad was next and Danny pulled even with Paula, leaving the entrees the deciding factor. Larry Mullin was the final judge and was impressed with both dishes, but found Danny’s beef very well cooked giving him the victory over a disappointed Paula. The winner, Ramsay announced, would get to choose first when it came to choosing members of their team.


Back toHell’s Kitchen and the two were inspecting the status of their restaurants. Both seemed a little flustered as to some of their wishes not being met and with one day left until the final service atHell’s Kitchen, their was one more bit of unpleasantness that must be done; The choosing of the disgruntled eliminated chefs who all though they should be there, not Paula and Danny.


Since Danny won the final challenge, he picks first and Ben was glad to be with Danny once again. Paula picked Andrea; Danny chose Giovanni; Paula picks LA, making Carol mad, as if she wasn’t mad enough already, leaving Danny to get Carol and poor Paula got the ever-so-charming, Lacey to round out her team.

As the teams are set, it really is anyone’s game to win as both have strengths that could take them to the top next week when Chef Ramsaychooses the winner ofHell’s Kitchen Season 5.

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