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The Fashion Show: Series Premiere Tonight

May 07, 2009 08:46 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight was the series premiere of Bravo‘s The Fashion Show, where fifteen designers will compete forashot at125,000 from Treseme and the opportunity to get their clothing line manufactured. Each week, thecontestants will be broken into teams andhave to come up with separatedesignsthat completeone cohesivelook.Then the designers will put on a mini fashion show for not only the judges butseveral industry insiders and fashion buyers. The winning designs will be sold on bravotv.com.

The contestants arrive one by one at their workspace loft and introduce themselves. Most of them are taken a back by Merlin and his ridiculous outfit, and one person asks him if he’s a magician. Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland walk in and explain their first Harper’s Bazaar mini challenge. They have one hour to make a simple black dress out of a basic black tshirt. They are looking to see how the contestants will be able to design something extraordinary from something so simple.

The evening wear designers feel that they will have no problem with this challenge, whereas some of the others are freaking out. When the time is up, Isaac brings in Laura Brown of Harper’s Bazaar to judge the looks. She brings up her three favorites, which are Merlin, Keith, and Johnny R. The three winners get to choose their own teams for the next group challenge. Since the contestants don’t even know each other’s names yet, they will choose based on the dress designs. Anna and Lidia are the last two to be chosen and they feel embarrassed, however Lidia’s dress was singled out as being horrible.


The teams must work to create one “must-have” garment that can be worn in five different looks for a fashion show. Each designer will be responsible for creating a copy of each piece and then completing the look [dressy, casual, seasonal, etc]. The teams have two hours that night and eleven hours the next day. Immediately, Keith’s team decides on a tube skirt; Merlin’s team chooses a navy Bolero jacket, and Johnny’s team picks a Harempant. Then the teams head to the fabric store. Merlin is upset that his team wants navy and feels that is outdated. Later that night, the contestants get settled into their rooms at Le Parker Meridian.

The next morning, the teams are hard at work Merlin starts to piss off several people. He decides that the jacket is too simple after it was already completed by all five people. All the sudden, he chops half of the jacket off and says he can do whatever he wants because he’s in charge. Then Kelly and Isaac stop in to check up on them. They let them know that at each fashion show there will be a live audience comprised of fashion buyers and industry professionals who will vote on their designs. Every week, whatever design wins will be sold on bravotv.com.


Isaac and Kelly walk around and comment on the designs, and they weren’t very impressed with any of them thus far. Kristin tells them that her team (Keith’s) isn’t communicating together as to what their collection should look like. When the judges walk outside they discuss the teams, they are very nervous for them. Isaac says he’s worried about all the “insiders” who will be at the show because he doesn’t feel these designs will cut it.

It’s the day of The Fashion Show and the designers get their models dressed. Keith’s team is having trouble even getting their models to fit into the tube skirts. The show starts with Johnny’s team and the pant. Many of the judges are wondering how a gray satin Harem pant is a must-have item. The next team was Keith and the tube skirt. The model with the tight skirt could barely walk, and the majority of models looked terrible. Finally, Merlin’s team and the jacket was up. The judges don’t like how the jacket is falling on the models – it doesn’t look right.

Later on at the judging, the contestants are brought in to meet Kelly, Isaac, and Fern Mallis, with guest judge Eli Tahari. Isaac tells Johnny’s team that they did horrible and they must bring all their talent next time. However, Johnny’s team is safe. Kelly says that Merlin’s team was the winner, which means that Keith’s team was the worst. Of Merlin’s team, the two winning designs were Merlin’s and James-Paul’s. Isaac declares the winner is James-Paul and his design will be for sale on bravotv.com.

As far as the losers, Isaac tells Keith that this idea wasn’t terrible but it was so poorly executed. Kelly has concern that if the models can’t fit into it- who can? Kristin and Jonny D. have the two worst designs. Kristin did a mini, which wasn’t even visible underneath the baby doll shirt she had, and Jonny did a skirt that was so tight the model had to be cut out in order to go to the bathroom. Isaac tells Jonny that “they aren’t buying it” and he is sent home.


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