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Dancing With The Stars: Carrie Ann’s Thoughts On Week 9

May 08, 2009 05:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


The Dancing With The Starsresults show shocked not only the audience this week but the judges as well! Lil’ Kim’s departure was a complete surpriseconsidering she was a crowd favorite, as well as one of the judges favorites. Carrie Ann has weighed in on all this and more on her weekly Popwatch blog for Entertainment Weekly

Carrie says of Lil Kim’s elimination, “WHAT A SHOCKER! Lil’Kim went home. The whole room collectively dropped their jaw when Tom Bergeron made the announcement. I am shocked by the outcome of the audience’s vote. However, I think we may be in for some surprises from here on out. Since we have such great competitors left in the game, and they are all sitting quite close to each other on the leader board, the audience vote is really going to come into play. We never know how the audience votes on our show and that keeps it interesting and never allows anyone to have a clear idea of how anyone is doing. I thought Lil’ Kim would be one of the last performers standing. I don’t think I was alone in that thought. But the show must go on.”

She then remarks on Melissa’s stunning return to the dancefloor after her rib injury, “Melissa’s Samba was so much better than we expected it to be. She really found her grounded energy. She also didn’t show any signs of her injury in that dance. It seemed that it might be bothering her Tuesday, though — she wasn’t as good in the encore as she was on Monday,so maybe that rib is bothering her more that we know. It seemed like it might have hurt her in her Viennese Waltz. I wanted to say that last night but we ran out of time for me to say all that I wanted to say. I thought that she wasn’t giving us the best shapes in her posture but I thought it might be because of her injury because without the support of the core, those dramatic ballroom postures are very difficult to hold. It is easier on the ribs to be straight up and down. I can understand but I have to judge what I see on the spot. Thankfully, the audience doesn’t have to mark down for those things. ”

As far as the rest of the contestants, she says, “…Gilles. He did so well on the first number but his second performance, the Rumba, was a bit strange. Yes, it was sexy but it was over the top in my opinion. I think he wanted to do such a great job that he just pushed it over and lost his mojo for a moment. I’m sure he’ll get it back. Some things don’t need to be forced. Gilles sex appeal is one of those things. No force needed. It comes naturally for him.”

“Shawn was on fire. It’s too bad she and Mark did that break in the hold the way they did. But sometimes, the contestants like to push the boundaries. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Her performances were top notch this week. She could have had some 10s in that first performance,.but she did really well in that Paso. I’m so happy to see her dare to push the emotional side. At 17, it is not easy to tap into those things, but she did and she really pushed out a great performance. Actually, she did two great performances!”

“Ty was quite good in his Argentine Tango. There was a lot of content. Ty does not rest on his laurels. I admire that about him. He doesn’t settle for doing “weak dancer” choreography. Chelsie gives him difficult choreography and demands — in a nice way — that he deliver and he does. He seems to like the challenge and really takes it seriously. He has come so far,The Rumba was a bit stiff but it was better than I expected. He just has a difficult time sometimes with the finesse between the moves, and the subtleties of the facial expressions. I thought Chelsie’s choreography at in the tango was great. When he had his hands in his pocket at the top of his first number, and when he performed his solo during his Rumba were both moments none of us will forget. The room went crazy. It was so adorable and heartwarming to see Ty Murray roll his hips for his wife,.No — it didn’t score too many points with the judges, but I see it won the hearts of the viewers.”

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