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Battle Of The Matchmakers

May 09, 2009 09:15 AM by Britteny Elrick


Maybe there’s only room for one matchmaker in the world of reality TV. Steve Ward, VH1‘s Tough Love matchmaker, recently make some cutting remarks about Patti Stranger’s Millionaire Matchmaker club by calling it nothing but a glorified escort service! Steve’s comments have caused quite the feud to ignite between the matchmakers.

Steve made the comments in a recent interview with Fancast.He alsoremarked that he’s not a fan of Patti’s and said, “I only know of her by reputation, and her reputation isn’t very good in Hollywood or in the rest of the country.”Patti responded to that by saying, “He has a terrible reputation in our industry. If you go to Ripoffreport.com there are a million disgruntled clients.” She was particularly upset by the escort service remark “I’m not an escort service,” she said, “and if you look up the definition of prostitution, that would mean I’d have to pay my girls to go on a date to have sex. If you watch the show, you know I say ‘Don’t have sex unless you’re in a monogamous, committed relationship’ – and I certainly don’t pay my girls to go on dates.”

Patti continued to say that Steve stole the idea of “singles boot camp” whichshe “trademarked 10 years ago.” Steven replied, “Really? Then she should file a lawsuit against VH1.” “You know what?”Patti said. “I think VH1 is fantastic for calling themselves the love network, and Bravo was the first one for putting me on the air. All the more power to these networks for putting us on the air.”

“The TV show is one small part of my business,” saidPatti.”I have an impeccable reputation. I deal with A-listers, Academy Award winners, this week I’m working with a Grammy Award winner. I have to be confidential. If I did talk, I’d lose my business tomorrow. I’m doing very well. I must have a message to say. I think he [Ward] has a problem. Maybe he’s angry and repressed because he doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

“Here’s my quote to that,” said Steve. “Hahaha! I’m actually beating women off with a stick. I can’t keep them off me.” He adds, “I want you to hear my mom’s reaction.” In the background, you hear a woman’s voice: “She’s Jewish? Why isn’t she married? How can you have a show like that and you’re not married?”

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