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Amazing Race 14: Tammy And Victor Win The Million Dollar Prize

May 10, 2009 10:04 PM by Britteny Elrick


After three continents, nine countries, and over 40,000 miles traveled, Tammy and Victor were declared the winners ofThe Amazing Race14. They will be taking home several trips as well as the one million dollar prize…and all Tammy could say was “I’m not even wearing pants.”

At the beginning of the last leg, Tammy and Victor are leading the race and are first to depart for Maui, Hawaii. Unfortunately, the must wait around at the airport for awhile until morning when they can purchase tickets. All the teams manage to get on the same flight to Hawaii.

They race by taxi to the beach where their clue is located. Once there, they must season a pig for a luau, then transport it and bury it properly to be roasted in a pit. The teams are neck and neck as they race down the beach carrying the pigs on a spit. Cara and Jamie drop theirs and Margie and Luke bypass them. Now Tammy starts struggling and has to rest for awhile.


Margie and Luke are the first to reach the next location where they take some jet skis to the middle of the ocean where their next clue is located underwater. Eventually all the teams are on the water, but Margie and Luke head back first. The next clue directs them to search along the highway and find a fence made out of surfboards.

When they reach the fence, Margie and Luke encounter the road block. One person must overcome their fatigue and search through all the surfboards to find the ones that have pictures of things they have done on the race. Then they must stand the boards up in the order that the tasks were completed.


Tammy and Victor get stuck behind a slow car on the highway, while on their way to the surfboard fence. Then Cara and Jamie’s taxi just pulls over because the driver has no idea where they are. Finally, they use his cell phone and get directions, but then he has to get gas. They are beside themselves with frustration. Meanwhile, Luke is well on his way to completing the surfboard challenge. Tammy and Victor show up and Luke is having trouble getting the last two boards in place. Victor and Luke both have their shorts off to help them go faster.

Now all the teams are there and Cara is having a very hard time recognizing any of the pictures as things that they did. Luke is getting more frustrated and now he has lost his significant lead as Victor is caught up to him. Margie keeps telling him to not give up but he wants to quit. Cara has caught up to the boys and they all have one or two boards left.


Finally, Victor completes the task and they head to The Amazing Race finish line at the King Kamehameha Golf Club. At last, Cara and Luke decide to help each other and they both hop in cabs. Margie is giving Luke a pep talk in the van and telling him to think positive because he starts to cry. Tammy and Victor are greeted by all the eliminated teams as they run to the finish line and claim the million dollar prize. They say that they’ve learned alot about each other and they are grateful for the experience. Victor feels enlightened and he’s glad that he did something unconventional. Jamie and Cara are the second team to arrive, followed by Margie and Luke. Luke says that the is so lucky to have a mom that signs, as a lot of parents of deaf children don’t. There is no doubt, thatLuke completing the race will be a true inspiration to many people.


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