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The Biggest Loser: Two Shocking Weight Loss Winners

May 12, 2009 09:31 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser Couples ends with a crowing of the new Champion as one of the most thrilling seasons ever for the NBC hit show comes to an end. Records fell at all stages of the show which showcased the heaviest contestants to date and gave us some of the finest moments of the series to date. With the final four soon becoming the final three, these are by far the most likeable bunch of contestants that have played the game. Now it comes down to the final walk up to the big scale as $250,000 is on the line and the title ofThe Biggest Loser.

Quite frankly, after last week’s pre-finale show, this will be a lot of hype as we have already witnessed the Loser homecomings and the settling into a routine of being away from the ranch as well as the trainers coming to visit each of them. With the emotional marathon that all four losers finished and the final weigh-in before the finale, the finale will seem a bit of a rehash to watch as the Losers all train to get to the finale. To top it all off, American will have their say rather quickly and unless the impassioned plea from Ron struck no cord in the hearts of America, it will be a Tara, Mike and Helen final three.


Host Allison Sweeney welcomed the assembled throng to the live mega-3-hour-finale and immediately got into the America’s Choice and had Ron and Mike brought out. Both looked incredible and you could definitely tell they had continued their losing ways. Allison informed Ron that his wishes had been granted and that Mike was in the final three. No real surprise as Allison then sent them back to get the eliminated players up for their weigh-ins.

If nothing, there were surprises along the way, none more surprising than Jerry, the oldest player who had literally passed out in his first day at the ranch. Well, something must have clicked in his brain about his condition; because he was more than shocking when it was determined that he had lost 177 pounds when he weighed in. Contestant after contestant came up to try to beat Jerry’s 177 pound loss but very few came close enough to give him a serious challenge. It came down to the final three to weigh-in, including Ron, who looked to be the only on who stood a chance to beat Jerry.


Since the competition is all about percentages, Ron had to come in with a little over 200 pounds to best Jerry’s 177 loss based on the percentages. When Ron stepped on the scale, it rested at a 192 weight loss giving Jerry the $100,000 runner-up prize making him the oldest player ever inThe Biggest Loser to win shocking everyone. What makes it even more shocking was that a 192 weight loss does not win you anything in these days ofThe Biggest Loser.

The trainers were then showcased as we saw Bob and Jillian’s journey with each of the Losers this season and the ups and downs they went through with the biggest contestants that have ever played the game. It was best summed up when Jillian said thatThe Biggest Loser was changing the face of America and that the show had become iconic and more than a game but changing attitudes.


After a few introductions of some guest, including the Australian Biggest Loser winner, the profiles of the final three went into full make-you-cry mode as the heart wrenching story of each of the final three was profiled.

Mike was first up and we saw the boy literally become a man right in front of our eyes as one of the heaviest players ever to enter the ranch became a record-breaking Loser week after week on his journey to the finale.

Helen was next up and we got to see one of the oldest finalist at a spry forty-eight year old scratch and crawl her way to the finale as she said, “I did everything my trainer asked of me” and managed to skirt an elimination or two in the process, seemingly because she was not a big threat at the time. The one thing Helen was always, however, was consistent, and that is what took her to the end.


Finally Tara was profiled and her journey was nothing short of a test of sheer endurance of will. Tara racked up win after win, usually beating the guys in the end of competitions and finally broke the record for most weight lost by a woman at the ranch.

The contestants were finally out and they all looked incredible. Mike was out again, followed by Helen, who looked awesome, and finally Tara came out and you could honestly say that there are no losers among the three of them. Allison sent them back to change for the final weigh-in of the season.


The big vote for the woman who would be going on the next installment ofThe Biggest Loser was announced between Erin and Amanda and America picked Amanda to pack her bags for the ranch, which evidently starts filming immediately as the new season starts in the fall.

Finally, the big moment has come and Allison brings out Helen and we once again see in a time-lapse manner how Helen became half the woman she was since starting the show. Allison got her up on the scales for the final time.

Helen started at 257 pounds is now at a shocking 117 pounds for an incredible 54.47% weight los.


Mike was profiled next as his dramatic weight loss was flashed across the screen as he traveled the road to the finale and he, too, did not resemble the boy who entered the ranch.

Mike started at 388 pounds and now weighed a lean 181 pounds for a 207 pounds total weight loss but was only slightly over 53% total weight loss and not enough to beat Helen giving us yet another woman winner ofThe Biggest Loser between Helen and Tara.


Tara’s transformation was a sight to behold as she was the only person to never fall below the yellow line during her time at the ranch. With just minutes to go in the forth quarter, Tara lines up to take her final whack at the scales.

Tara started the competition at 294 pounds and finished strong with a 155 pound loss to make her final weight 139 pounds but not quite enough percentage wise to win giving the inspirational Helen the come-from-behind victory in one of the best seasons ofThe Biggest Loser.


In the end the Losers are really winners as most have taken charge of their lives and have truly made a change in the quality of the rest of their lives and that is a difference that money can never buy.

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