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American Idol Recap 05/13/09: A Huge Upset!

May 13, 2009 07:18 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on American Idol, Ryan Seacrest announced that over 88 million votes came in and if we think we knowhow this competition is going to stack up, we can guess again. There was only 1 million votes separating the top two tonight, so we could end up with an upset! Jordin Sparks is the special guest tonight.

The Ford video was based on the song, Ain’t Nothin’ Gonna Break My Stride. It was a cool mix of reality and characterization of the final three competitors.

Next, Alicia Keys came on stage and asked for donations to help prevent AIDS in Africa. Alicia then introduced a Rwandan child, Noah, who sang a song he learned in English in one week called I’m the World’s Greatest. Although it was difficult to understand the little guy, he was very entertaining and could move on the dance floor!


The three guys waited backstage and Ryan Seacrest called Danny Gokey out on stage. Ryan Seacrest spoke to Danny about getting to see his friend Jamar again. We were treated to video footage of Danny’s trip home. Danny mentioned that 10 months ago he was at a low…we love you Danny!


Ryan Seacrest had the lights dimmed and then went on to speak to Danny about the song choices from last night. He told Danny to have a seat on the couch and he will get back to him in a few minutes. He called on Kris Allen and took the audience on his journey home this past week. Kris gets a big hug and a cry from his dad. Awwww! The lightswere dimmed and Kriswas sent back to the sofa to sit with Danny.

Sixth season winner of American Idol, Jordin Sparks came out next and sang her hit single, Battle Field. She has sure grown up and sounds amazing!


After Jordin Sparks sang, Ryan Seacrest called up Adam Lambert. They showed Adam’s journey home and talked about the streaker lady that approached him…we didn’t see it though! Dim the lights again and Ryan Seacrest talked about his song choices. He sent Adam to the couch to be with Danny and Kris and announced that Katy Perry would be singing next before we found out who would be going onto the finals next week. Talk about drama!

Katy Perry_3361

Katy Perry came out and sang Waking Up In Vegas and then the suspense was over…tonight the first person competiting in next weeks finale is Kris! The next person to compete in the finale was Adam. Danny was heading home!


The judges seemed shocked as Carrie Underwood’ssong playedDanny out tonight.

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One Response to “American Idol Recap 05/13/09: A Huge Upset!”

  1. Paulene Hinds Says:
    May 14th, 2009 at 7:33 am

    So sad Danny went last night, but what a difficult choice for American viewers…all three of the guys are awesome singers!


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