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America’s Next Top Model: Teyona Comes Out On Top

May 13, 2009 09:26 PM by Britteny Elrick

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 12

Tonight, it was down to the final three contestants on America’s Next Top Model. Teyona, Allison, and Aminat would first be judged on their Cover Girl commercials and photo shoots, and then the final two models would be chosento walk-off in the runway finale. The winner will receive a contract with Elite ModelManagement and a spread in Seventeen Magazine. Keep reading to see how it all played out..

TYRA MAIL: Be on point tomorrow, or you can kiss this competition goodbye.

The girls receive a script for the Cover Girl commercial that they will have to shoot the next day. Jay tells them that they will be shooting a commercial and also doing a photo shoot. The winner will have their ads shown in Walmart stores. McKey, last year’s winner, stops by to give the girls some tips.

Aminat is up first and Jay is disappointed with her stiffness. He tells her to stop acting like she’s full of botox, but her second shot was better. Then she moves on to her photo shoot and the photographer thinks she needs to mature as a model. Allison is really scared as her last commercial was terrible. She gets in the middle of it and completely forgets her lines. Jay thinks that although this was a big improvement from her last commercial, she still has a lot of room for improvement. Teyona is the last one to shoot and she struggles over her lines and gets very tongue tied. She starts to have a meltdown over her nerves.

America's Next Top Model

Tyra tells the girls that as soon as she selects the two finalists, they will go directly to walk in a fashion show. They watch the girls’ commercials and Teyona wasn’t able to even get one done correctly. As she stumbles through it, Miss Jay says, “What the?” She says her nerves got to her and she starts crying again. However, when they look at her photo they loved it. Then it’s Allison’s turn and they didn’t care for the video, but they loved her picture. Tyra says for the first time they thought she could be a commercial model as well. Aminat is last to be judged and she is the only one who did a great commercial. Her photo was not as impressive. They think she doesn’t know how to control the muscles in her face, and Tyra says that’s unfortunate.

The first girl called who will be walking in the finals is Allison. She says the judges think Aminat’s photos are stunning and her body is great. They also think her commercial was the best. On the other hand, Teyona, has consistently had great photos, but her inability to do commercials has the judges nervous. Teyona’s name is called and Aminat is sent home.

America's Next Top Model

Allison and Teyona are greeted by Ann Skochet, who gets them ready for their Seventeen photo shoot. Later on, the girls arrive to meet Jay at the location of their runway show. Allison is worried, as her walk is her weakest point. Tyra stops by to give the girls a pep talk backstage. The show will consist entirely of swimsuit attire, which makes the girls even more nervous. Jay encourages them to “stomp to the death.”

There are three sections to the show. First, they walk out in normal suits, and secondly, they come out doing the Samba, and lastly, they are dancing around in mud, while on the runway.

When the judges critique the girls, they say that they were amazing at Allison’s walk. The feel that Teyona’s walk was a bit robotic at times, but overall it was good. Then they go back and do side-by-side pictures of all the girls photo shoots from the beginning of the show. The girls are almost neck and neck with their critiques, and Tyra says this will be extremely difficult for them.

America's Next Top Model

The judges talk among themselves, and they say that Teyona did what they thought she would but Allison really surprised them. Nygel says they are both completely different, but have both shown amazing growth throughout the competition. Paulina thinks Allison has come further since the start, and she loves her face. She worries that Teyona doesn’t have the personality outside of the photos, but she loves her honesty. Nygel says that Teyona has had consistently good pictures throughout and she deserves it.

Tyra brings in the girls and announces that Teyoa is America’s Next Top Model!

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