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Hell’s Kitchen Crowns A Season 5 Winner

May 14, 2009 07:42 PM by DA Southern


Hell’s Kitchen comes down to the final two, one will become the head chef at the Borgata in Atlantic City and the other will go home empty handed. Tonight, either Danny Veltri or Paula Dasilva will be crowned theHell’s Kitchen Season 5 winner and Chef Gordon Ramsay will have yet another feather in his cap as his molding of a prize-winning chef will come full circle as both Danny and Paula step up to the plate to lead a brigade of jealous and unhappy chefs who all think they should be there instead, well, not Lacey, who is usually unhappy about being anywhere.

When we last left our heroes, the teams were being picked and it looked like a girls against guys again, except for Carol who was unhappy to be on Danny’s team, but was the pick so that Danny would not end up with Lacey.

Outside the general discontent the eliminated chefs seemed to have, except for Ben and Andrea who seemed to be glad to be in the spotlight again, it looks as though Danny and Paula will have a time of it as they prep their teams for battle. It doesn’t help the Lacey situation as, once again, we see the various incarnations of Lacey throughout the season and wonder why we even have her back. They could have at least have had JI come back instead of Lacey, as she left due to an injury.


The various chefs gave speeches as to why they will work hard for their team with Andrea saying that she would not let Paula down and Ben wanted to work hard for Danny thinking him to be the underdog.

A little team planning is highlighted but we pretty much get right into the dinner service because we have a winner to crown. Chef Ramsay samples the various dishes from Paula and Danny and thinks Paula’s Pasta dish is delicious, worried about the dry Halibut and said that the Banana CrÃme Brule is not and can’t be served. Thanks Lacey! To top it all off Chef Ramsay like the tone of Paula’s restaurant, Sunergy.

Danny’s duck salad was undercooked, according to Ramsay, but he liked the prepared filet but said the dessert was undercooked. Chef Ramsay was very unimpressed with Danny’s theme for his restaurant, The Velvet Hammer, (I am sure no strip joints were harmed in the taking of that name) and it seemed that Danny’s youthfulness was coming through.


As the seriousness of the task come through Lacey begins to think that she could really mess things up for Paula and the teams begin the service in a fairly robust manner, although the communication with the men and Carol for Danny seems to be better that in Paula’s kitchen.

Andrea didn’t take long to mess up scallops as she had done all season long but Lacey didn’t help any when she tried to hide the mistake. If nothing else, Lacey did entertain us with her shenanigans this season. Over in Danny’s kitchen, Danny was thinking that Carol was sabotaging him as she got backed up on appetizers.


Andrea continued to frustrate Paula with poorly cooked halibut and Paula probably got a real sense of what Chef Ramsay went through with her week after week. Danny sends out his first entrees as Andrea continues to lag behind and is probably something Chef Ramsay will consider in the end if Paula can’t manage her kitchen better.

Sour face Giovanni, who looked so promising at the beginning of the season, was not concerned that he was sending out salty monkfish and we saw yet another shot of Lacey as she looked befuddled in the kitchen saying that “Paula’s menu is way too complicated.” How did she ever get on this show?


At two hours into the service, Paula had seeming found her groove but one thinks it might be a bit too late in the eyes of Chef Ramsay as Danny finishes his service first. LA thought Paula did well, but thought Danny rocked.

Chef Ramsay has made his decision and said it was truly the toughest decision he has ever had to make in Hell’s Kitchen and Danny and Paula stepped up to their doors in what has to be the coolest way to announce the winner in reality TV.


They both turned their door handles and Danny’s door swung open, leaving a dejected Paula empty handed. Ramsay told Paula that she had nothing to be ashamed of but that Danny had grown more than any chef onHell’s Kitchen this season, (something you definitely saw in the later weeks of the show) and that he now has the maturity and the talent to be a great chef.


An exciting ending to a pretty decent season and if you can’t get enough of Hell’s Kitchen, stick around for Season 6 as July will find the continuation ofHell’s Kitchen.

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