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The Fashion Show: Tinsley Mortimer Design Challenge

May 15, 2009 12:46 AM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on The Fashion Show, the designers get some bad news when Isaac Mizrahitells them they will be working in the same teams as last week. The challenge will be to design a complete set of looks for socialiteTinsley Mortimer’s upcoming events, while keeping within the budget of $40.00 per look! Find out which designer won’t cut it…

Isaac asks the teams how they liked working in groups last week. Then he tells them that they’ll be working in the same teams again! However, James-Paul has the power, as the task winner, to move one person to a different team. He chooses to move Danielle.


Now Kelly announces it’s time for the Harpar’s Bazaar mini-challenge. This is about wearability and saleability. The three teams are instructed to take a box of items and determine if they should be put on either the “bank” or the “budget” mannequin. The designers are having a hard time determining what products are better quality, considering there aren’t many differences. In the end, Merlin’s team wins, again. Isaac instructs the teams to choose their head designers for the week. He tells them socialite Tinsley Mortimer will be a guest judge. They must create a sequence of outfits for her that make up a cohesive look on a budget of $40 per look. They must also come up with hairstyles for their models to accompany the look.


The designers are having a hard time choosing fabrics on such a tight budget. James-Paul is the team leader and comes up with a “stealth fighter” theme, which some of his teammates aren’t understanding. Anna’s team is doing an electric blue theme with a bit of a biker edge, and Haven’s team is doing a 1980′s inspired collection.

When Isaac and Kelly stop in to help critique the teams, they are very concerned that they will be able to pull everything together. They don’t quite “get” some of the looks the designers are going for. Isaac doesn’t think Johnny R. will be able to get his dress done in time. He struggling with the sewing aspect of his designs, since he is used to having someone sew for him.


It’s the day of The Fashion Showand the designers are in a frenzy backstage to get the models fitted. First up is James-Paul’s team, which had some oragami-inspired looks. The collection has a hot pink and black theme throughout, and it very chic, and clean cut.

Anna’s team is second and their collection has electric blue as an accent color. It’s classic, elegant, and flows together very well. lastly, is team and honestly the judges are shocked at alot of the items. Johnny R’s dress has safety pins exposed, and one of the other dresses is very bunchy.


At the judging, Tinsley Mortimer joins the panel. The audience voted for their two favorite teams, and out of those the panel chose Anna’s team to win the challenge. Their two favorite outfits were Anna’s luncheon outfit and Daniella’s rock concert outfit. They choose Daniella as the winner of the challenge and her outfit will be for sale on bravotv.com.

James-Paul’s team is safe for the week, but team Haven is at the bottom. Issac singles out Johnny R, Marcus, and Linda’s outfits as the worst. Marcus’ outfit was just a mess and there was material jumbled everywhere. Laura gets in trouble for the red tulle she put at the bottom of the dress, against the advisement of all her teammates. Johnny R. had the safety pins holding on part of his dress and he tells them he’s not a good seamstress. Isaac says that’s the last time he’ll listen to that excuse. Johnny R. says, “I didn’t know this was going to be America’s Next Best Seamstress.” Isaac says they will take that into consideration when they deliberate.


When they come back, Isaac tells Johnny R. that his attitude is the only thing more appalling than his dress, but they still send Laura home. Kelly tells Johnny that he’s still in the competition, but he’s hanging by a thread.

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