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Survivor Tocantins Season Finale: Sole Survivor!

May 17, 2009 07:59 PM by Candace Young


Four finalists remain on CBS’s Survivor after 36 days in Brazil. They are Erin, Stephen, Taj, and JT – tonight we find out who will be the sole survivor! As the episode begins, the four contestants celebrate getting this far, but bicker over the voting that saw Coach ousted from the show. Night number thirty-seven begins,

As the four get up in the morning, Taj and Stephen discuss how JT is their biggest threat. Erin and JT get the mail from the basket – it involves a giant plastic spider. There is a riddle accompanying it that makes reference to not getting ‘spun out in the web’. The Survivor final four go to meet Jeff Probst, who takes the immunity necklace from JT. He then says they will race through a tarantula shaped maze to find puzzle pieces. They will then have to use the puzzle pieces to solve a web shaped puzzle!

JT is the first to find all three of his bags of puzzle pieces and begins to work on the solving the web-shaped puzzle. Stephen, and then Erin, also collect their third bags and start working on their puzzles. Taj is the last to begin her puzzle. JT ultimately completes his puzzle first and wins immunity – Erin was a very close second. They head back to camp.

Back at camp, the others congratulate JT on winning Survivor immunity. Taj feels that it is a given that she and the two guys will be in the final three – even though she’s sure Erin will try to convince them that she is worthy to be there. Erin sits by the water with JT and Stephen and makes some remarks about Taj. When she leaves, JT and Stephen reaffirm their commitment to one another to remain solid until the end. They acknowledge the fact that Taj thinks they will take her into the final three, but they also worry that she could beat them in an immunity challenge as opposed to Erin. They head to tribal council.

Tribal Council

Jeff Probst invites the 5 jury members to come into the Survivor tribal council to sit down. Jeff speaks to Erin, telling her that the likelihood is that she will join her former teammates on the Survivor jury. Jeff points out to Stephen that he can only vote for Erin or Taj. JT acknowledges that he trusts Taj more than Erin. Taj says she would be shocked if she were voted out tonight.


It’s time to vote. Erin goes up and writes Taj’s name on the card. Stephen’s vote isn’t shown. Taj votes out Erin, and JT’s vote is not shown. Jeff goes to tally the votes on Survivor. Surprisingly, Taj is voted out 3 -1! JT and Stephen look regretful. The final three, Erin, JT, and Stephen head back to camp. Taj says she was blindsided by her pals – and if Erin can find a way to weasel her way into the final two – she’ll get her vote!

Rites of Passage

Back at camp, an enthusiastic Erin gets on the boys nerves chattering away about being in the final three on Survivor while they are still upset over voting out Taj. Erin notes that she will take Stephen with her if she gets the chance as she has more hope of beating in the final two. Together, the two guys worry about Erin beating them in the immunity challenge, and what they would do then. In the mail, they are told to go across the river and collect torches for Rites of Passage. After that they will then receive their final immunity challenge. Each torch has a former contestants name on it, and they pay their respects as they collect them.

Final Immunity Challenge

The final three meet with Jeff Probst who tells them that it is time for the last immunity challenge on Survivor. They will put balls down a chute and catch them and put them back down the chute – with one hand tied behind their back! They will increase the number of balls, thus making it more difficult, and the finalists must keep them from hitting the ground. The one who can keep their balls in play longest will win.

Erin drops a ball first and is out of the challenge. JT and Stephen compete for immunity in the last tribal council. After a few minutes, Stephen makes a mistake and drops a ball – JT wins immunity and is guaranteed a spot in the Survivor final. Jeff reminds JT that tonight he will decide who will sit next to him in the final two – possibly a million dollar decision!


The final three arrive at Survivor’s tribal council and Jeff Probst invites the jury to join them. Jeff tells JT he has earned his way to this spot, but now has a difficult decision to make. Erin admits to Jeff that she would go down kicking and screaming, but JT would have a good chance of winning if he picks her as opposed to Stephen. Stephen remarks on loyalty. Jeff asks JT his thoughts. He says he has to figure out what is most important – loyalty or easy money. After some more debate, Jeff tells JT to go and vote. As the jury tenses and shuffles with anticipation, Jeff pulls out the vote – it’s Erin. JT and Stephen will be in the final two. Erin says she is surprised a little, but deep down she knew that it what JT would do!

JT and Stephen go back to camp and when the sun comes up, JT marvels that the two of them made it there – just like they planned at the beginning of Survivor! Stephen says they’ll be friends for life. They come upon their breakfast food, which includes eggs and champagne! They cook up a feast and celebrate their success. JT tells Stephen that his first impression was that he looked strong but not very athletic – he was wrong. Stephen says he thought JT was a charmer and they wouldn’t get along – he was wrong as well! As they head to see the jury, they both vow to set the friendship stuff aside and fight for the million bucks.

Sole Survivor

The jury comes in and sits down at tribal council, and Jeff Probst congratulates JT and Stephen, noting that the power now shifts to the Survivor jury. Stephen makes his opening statement, saying that he came into the game not even having camped before – he overcame a lot more! JT says he worked very hard to get where he is and he didn’t get a vote against him even once. He also points out that he kept his word, even though it was to his disadvantage since everyone likes Stephen.

The jury next has a chance to address Stephen and JT on Survivor. Brendan asks Stephen about not winning any games. Stephen says he did outwit. Brendan asks JT about whether growth is relevant. JT says it’s not – he outplayed Stephen! Stephen rebuts that hiding in the shadows is a legitimate strategy. Erin speaks to them next, quizzing Stephen about his alliances. Deb gets up and says she hasn’t decided who will have her vote yet. She tells JT that he charmed her at first, but then she didn’t trust him – who is he really? JT says he had prepared himself to have to lie to get where he is. Stephen is asked who he would have chosen in JT’s position – Stephen stuns JT by admitting he fears it would have been Erin!


Coach speaks next, asking JT for examples of being noble later in the Survivor game. JT says he risked a million dollars to keep his word to him, and to Stephen. Coach then asks the same question of Stephen, who says he is yet to say anything negative about JT tonight – that’s a strong statement. Sierra only has a question for JT – why did he take the weakest competitor to take with him in Stephen? JT says he thinks Stephen is strong. Tyson gets up and asks if they helped one another get to the final. JT says he could have done it alone, but not as easily. Stephen is affronted that JT devalues their teamwork.

Taj is last to speak – she says she’s crushed and betrayed. She asks JT how he could put her name on the paper so easily. JT says he stuck his neck out for her the whole game, and it was the hardest thing he did to vote her out. Stephen tells Taj that he wanted to keep her around, but JT wanted to vote her out and he conceded the point. JT is floored, saying, “Is this the same person I brought with me?”

The jury votes one by one on Survivor, and for the last time, Jeff Probst goes to collect the votes, saying he’ll see them back in New York City for the final tally!

In New York, Jeff tells the jury they did a great job, and congratulates Stephen and JT, saying the winner deserves the one million dollars. After the first four votes, the winner is declared – JT! He leaps up and rushes into the arms of his family in the audience! Jeff says the vote was unanimous for only the second time in Survivor history!

Survivor Reunion

In the Survivor reunion show, JT cries, and tells Jeff Probst that he is happier than he’s ever been, obviously, and that he’s made friends that will last a lifetime in Stephen and his family. Stephen remarks on how he and JT bonded over working hard, and how difficult it was for him to be honest in tribal council and admit that he may have chosen to take Erin with him instead of JT. Brendan comments on how there was a power struggle in his tribe, and that there was also too many people in the tribe. Jeff Probst comments on how even in New York City everyone hates Coach (telling him everyone loved to hate Richard Hatch too), and loves JT! Taj says no one ever talked about trying to get rid of JT because he was so sweet! Jeff then gives JT’s mom the tooth that he lost in the challenge!

As the reunion continues, Taj talks about what a shock the outdoors was for her, and shows off her bites and scars. Jeff then says the loveliness of Taj was offset by the nastiness of Tyson! As the audience laughs, clips of Tyson going naked are shown. The spotlight then turns to Sierra, as Jeff says he didn’t understand the dislike of her. She says she learned a lot and was proud of herself.


Coach is the next topic of discussion, with Jeff Probst calling him one of the most colorful and controversial competitors on Survivor. Laughing, he says he put his stamp on everything. Jeff notes that he offered him a lie detector test, and he turned it down – why? Coach, grinning, says he wanted to look after that himself, and pulls out a sealed envelope with the results! Jeff opens the envelope and reveals that Coach was not lying when he said natives captured him! Coach’s lady friend says that the Ben Wade she knows and loves is different from the Coach everyone saw on Survivor.

The Sprint Player of the Season is set to be announced – the top three names are JT, Taj, and Sierra! Jeff Probst then declares the winner of $50,000 is JT!

A preview is given of the 19th season of Survivor upcoming this fall – in Samoa in the South Pacific – from the book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

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