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Dancing With The Stars: Interview With Shawn Johnson And Gilles Marini

May 18, 2009 03:17 PM by Britteny Elrick


Host Samantha Harrisinterviewed Shawn Johnson, Mark Ballas, and Gilles Marini backstage last week. Find out what the contestants had to say about the upcoming Dancing With The Starsfinals, Ty and Chelsie, and Gilles’ upcomingTV appearanceon Brothers & Sisters

Here’s the interview as reported by The Insider:

Shawn, how have you changed by doing this show?

Shawn: I think I’ve grown and evolved. I used to be just a gymnast, now I’ve become a dancer and I’ve loved every second of it.

Shawn, which will be more nerve-wracking: the Olympics or the finale of ‘Dancing’ next week?

Shawn: I’m not sure you can compare them. But I definitely feel just as excited as I did at the Olympic finals.

What will you miss about Ty and Chelsie?

Mark: Ty’s hilarious. I get his southern humor because part of my family is from Texas, too.

Mark, the bit where you and Derek came down the stairs together during your group dance with Lacey and Julianne was hilarious. How’d that happen?

Mark: It was actually an accident. Lacey kept running forward and Julianne didn’t move so it just kind of happened [in rehearsal], so we just decided to keep it in and it was fun.

Shawn, how do you feel your dances went in the semi-finals?

Shawn: I thought they were our best. We pulled it out. Our Jive was amazing and we did our Tango for the encore dance [on the results show].

Mark, in the Tango, how’d it feel when Shawn pushed you?

Mark: When she pushed me over, it was real.

Shawn: It wasn’t!

Mark: Yeah, it was.

Shawn: (Smiles) It wasn’t at first ,

Mark: She’s got some power behind her!

Shawn, did you think the judges’ scores were too low?

Shawn: We’ve learned not to put too much into those scores. [Staying] is so much about the votes from the audience.

Shawn, what was it like seeing that home movie of your in your early days of gymnastics?

Shawn: I hadn’t seen that in a long time. I don’t know where they got it, but it was cute. I think I was even shorter than the beam itself! It reminded me of what I’ve gone through. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for gymnastics and the Olympics. It was a tearjerker for me.

Gilles, how do you feel about going to the finals?

Gilles: Shawn, Melissa and I have already won. I want to give a lot of passion next week. Cheryl’s not here with me for this interview because she’s already choreographing our dances for next week. She’s already working. No one else does that — that’s going to give us an edge.

Gilles, Cheryl has talked about a surprise for next week?

Gilles: You’re gonna have a lot of fun! Don’t even try to guess. It will be one of the most memorable dances.

How do you feel about the show wrapping up?

Gilles: Cheryl’s going away with her boyfriend. Life will keep going. I’m going to work. I’m going to be on ‘Brothers & Sisters’ next season.

Who will you be playing on the show?

Gilles: It’s a secret.

You’re playing a dancer!

Gilles: No. It’s going to be great, though.

How many episodes?

Gilles: We’re talking about that right now.

Gilles, how do you feel about your perfect scores in the semi-finals?

Gilles: I would never have gotten those scores with any other dancers. Cheryl put in so much work with me. I’d have three 3′s without her. It’s all Cheryl Burke – and I’m not kidding. She molded me into a dancer in front of a live audience. I really want to thank America for giving us the chance.

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