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Dancing With The Stars: Melissa And Tony Talk About Finale

May 18, 2009 01:00 PM by Britteny Elrick


Dancing With The Starshost and Insider reporter, Samantha Harris, caught Melissa and Tony backstage after the results show last Tuesday. She asks them about making it to the finals and what we can expect to see from them in the freestyle tonight! We’ve got all the details straight from the Sam Cam…

Melissa, how does it feel to make the finals?

Melissa: Unbelievable. Tony and I sit back and think where we were a few weeks ago. You couldn’t script it. To make the top three out of everyone from the beginning is amazing.

How’d it feel learning last that you were in the finals?

Tony: It was worth it to find out that we’re in the finals. My high is getting ridiculous now.

Melissa: He’s going to crash in an hour!

Tony: I haven’t been in the finals since season 2. I can’t thank Melissa enough. She’s had a smile on her face the whole time. I think I can speak for both of us when I say thank you to the fans.

Melissa, did you feel a little dÃjà vu during the results’ show? It’s two hours, on ABC, you’re one of two waiting to be chosen,?

Melissa: (Coyly) You mean when I was trying out to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and was waiting for my number to be called? Yes, it was very similar.

Tony: This one has a happy ending.

Tony, what can we expect in the freestyle?

Tony: It’ll be where you see what our entire season will be like. We promised ourselves we’d enjoy this entire ride and we’re going to go out and celebrate [on the dance floor] next week and get everyone off their feet.

Melissa: We’re going to have fun!

Tony, did you get your hats from Mark?

Tony: [Laughs] No. I got this idea when I danced with Stacey Keibler [in Season 2]. I was hoping it would bring us the same luck in the semi-finals and it did.

Melissa, how’d it feel to get a ’10′ from Len?

Melissa: Unbelievable. This week, we really focused on my feet. To have Len be the first one to stay they were great ,

Tony: Mission accomplished.

Tom Bergeron’s joke about both of your blinding teeth was pretty funny.

Melissa: Tom’s amazing.

Tony: He is. He’s one of the icons of TV personalities.

Melissa, in the video packages tonight everyone’s seemed really personal.

Melissa: Yes. They gave the audience a feel of who we all are and where we came from. There are only so many times they can show us in rehearsal getting frustrated, excited or happy. Showing our family and friends told the audience who we really are.

How did you feel about them showing the footage from ‘The Bachelor’ again?

Melissa: You can’t shy away from it. It’s part of my past and the reason I’m here on this show. Most of the references [about me] now are about being on Dancing With The Stars. All the video segments were emotional and I got a better sense of who everyone is.

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