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Dancing With the Stars Recap 05/18/09: The Pasodoble Face-Off And The Free-Style Round

May 18, 2009 06:22 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on Dancing With The Stars, the final three contenders have their last chance to show the judges and viewers that they have what it takes to become the mirror ball trophy winner. After 10 grueling weeks, only Gilles Marini, Shawn Johnson and Melissa Rycroft are left to perform tonight. Who will take home the crown? Only time will tell!

There would be two rounds tonight on Dancing With The Stars, The Pasodoble face-off and the free-style round. The three judges each met with one of the competitors to give them the final push they needed to shine in the finals. Bruno met up with Shawn and told her that she needed to surprise the audience with something she has never done before. Carrie Ann met up with Melissa and feeling they were the under-dogs tonight, she needed to show thatMelissa was in it to win it and show her aggressive side for this dance. Len visited Gilles and showed him how to wow the crowd.


During the Pasodoble face-off tonight, Shawn and Mark came out with aggressive and sensual moves. Melissa and Tony tried their best, but her moves were still too sweet for the dance style. Gilles and Cheryl won the first round though with their choreography and toughness in their routine.

Len said that he thought that Shawn’s dance was full of excitement and did a great job. He said that Melissa’s dance was far more convincing than the last time she did the Pasodoble. He then told Gilles that his dance was full on. Bruno said that he wanted to congratulate them on their individual styles of their dance and for working as a team. He said Shawn is always strong and has great technique. He said Melissa’s confidence has grown leaps and bounds and Gilles was a leading man, self-assured, strong and fabulous. Carrie Ann said Shawn was incredible, but due to her age she wasn’t as confident. She said Melissa nailed it tonight and Gilles gave perfection.

The judges gave 9, 9, and 10, a 28 for Shawn and Mark. The judges gave 10, 9, 10, a 29 to Melissa and Tony and Gilles and Cheryl received triple 10′s, a perfect score of 30.

After the first round of the finals on Dancing With The Stars, Gilles and Cheryl were in the lead, with Melissa and Tony second and Shawn and Mark bringing up the rear in third place.

Shawn and Mark were up first for the free-style round and tonight Shawn was not going to use her gymnastic abilities as she received criticism the last time she did. Season 4 winner and Olympian, Apollo Anton Ohno came out to visit her to give her encouragement for her dance. Shawn and Mark came out dressed in freakish clowny type clothing with masks. They stripped the suits off and rocked the floor to the song, Do Your Thing! They had high, high energy!

Bruno said they are going for gold and the dance was explosive! Carrie Ann said that Shawn lived up to everyone’s expectations. Len said he loved it! Their scores tonight were triple 10,s a perfect score! They had 58 out of 60 tonight after both rounds.


Next up in the free-style round was Melissa and Tony. They were ready to put it all on the line tonight in order to win the mirror ball trophy. They definately went for it with all of the tricks and poor Tony paid for it during rehearsals! The couple went out with a bang as they danced to Every Body Dance Now! They had more fancy tricks than Shawn and I thought at one point that Melissa was the gymnast.

Carrie Ann said that right off the bat she loved the new attitude, but she found the choreography was disjointed. Len said that they showed their versatility, but it wasn’t his cup of tea. Bruno said that he thought he would never live to see the running man again, but Carrie Ann was right when she said it was disjointed. They received triple 9′s a 27 out 30 and a 59 out of 60 for both routines.


Last on the floor tonight were Gilles and Cheryl. Gilles was suffering from his separated shoulder, but he knew if he wanted to be the champion he had to stay focused. They danced to What a Feeling from Flashdance. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting from the pair, but it was full of energy and fun.

Len said it had high energy and the free-style proved that Gilles is a real dancer. Bruno said it was a great dance, but he wanted more dancing from him. Carrie Ann said she agreed and felt the song was an odd choice and wanted to see so much more from him. They received 9, 10 and 9 a 28 out of 30, which gave them a 58 out of 60.

Tomorrow night on Dancing With The Stars , the competitors will dance one more time just for the judges, only on ABC!

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