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The Bachelorette: Jillian Harris Meets Her Men!

May 18, 2009 08:00 PM by Candace Young


As the show begins, and host Chris Harrison introduces Jillian Harris as ABC’s new Bachelorette, she reiterates that she has no regrets about appearing on the previous season of The Bachelor, even though Jason Mesnick kicked her to the curb in the final three! Jillian then muses that she thinks she’s pretty cute as she models and twirls her way through a modeling shoot, finishing with a hat toss a la Mary Tyler Moore! Jillian is determined that she will find her fairytale romantic partner on this show – and promises not to base her decision on what he puts on his hot dog!

Chris Harrison says it’s time for the TV audience to ogle the 25 hotties lining up for the chance to win Jillian’s heart this season! The montage of men rolls out with everything from shots of surfing and athletics to business suits, quirky personalities, and blue-collar workers! Throughout, mothers profess that their sons will definitely be the ones to win Jillian’s heart!

Dressed in a gown reminiscent of a Grecian goddess, Jillian emerges from a limousine and greets Chris as she prepares to meet her suitors! On the way to meet The Bachelorette in their limos, the guys predictably tell the camera that they love Jason – without him they wouldn’t have Jillian! Inside the mansion, Chris sits Jillian down beside the fire and beats the Jason Mesnick issue to death with a stick. Jillian goes along with it, even providing a quote about slaying dragons to find your prince!

Back outside, Jillian meets each of the men in a series of incredibly awkward greetings featuring some truly cringe-worthy first impressions! Inside, the men clink glasses and exchange oddly girly observations about Jillian and her dress! Among the highlights are the sexy cowboy/personal trainer, and the abnormally tall Englishman who requires subtitles, and has brought teabags from his mum!


Chris Harrison warns Jillian that now that she’s had a look at the 25 bachelors, she’ll soon have to send 10 of them home! She says it will be so difficult, but seeing as there were more than a few odd ones she’s probably relieved! Jillian smilingly asserts that she’s absolutely certain her prince charming is within the group of males she just met!

Chris and Jillian head inside the mansion, where she mingles with the hopefuls. It’s almost embarrassing to watch the posturing, tie adjusting, jostling, and leapfrogging that goes on as the men try to make time with the Bachelorette. Jillian imbibes glass after glass of wine as she canoodles with one man after another. She seems to make a connection with a few of them, including Kiptyn, who is concerned with being ‘real’, and only puts ketchup on his hot dog!

Soon, Chris crashes the party with the first impression rose. Its ominous presence on the coffee table inspires all sorts of inappropriate behavior and rude comments among the bachelors! The sexy cowboy/personal trainer comes along and carries Jillian out to the pool when she gets caught between an artsy-fartsy guy and a redneck! But there’s more than one cowboy in the house, and soon Jillian is being serenaded on the acoustic guitar by Wes! Not to be outdone, the resident break-dancer slides the furniture out of the way and provides a pop and lock lesson!

Host Chris Harrison comes back into the room and says that the response to Jillian being the new Bachelorette was so great that they have a surprise – 5 new bachelors stride into the room! Jillian, by now quite tipsy, seems tickled by the news, but the first 25 bachelors are ready to rumble! After Jillian deals with the newcomers, including one with a foot fetish, she grabs the first impression rose and gives it to Dave – one of the original 25!


Jillian then confers with the host, Chris Harrison, telling him she noticed the break-dancer, as well as graphic designer Kyle, and cowboy/acoustic guitarist Wes. He gives her a minute to think before she has to send 10 bachelors home. She agonizes briefly for the camera, before heading in to do the deed!

Jake, Jesse, Wes, Mathue, Michael, Robert, Ed, Simon, Brian, Kiptyn, Mike, Bryan D, Sasha, Julien, Tanner P, Mark, Brad, Tanner F, and Juan are the relieved bachelors who receive roses in the dramatic rose ceremony. The mystified, and in some cases bitter, rejects give various comments on the way out the door, saying things like, “She’s country and I’m city!” to save their wounded pride!

A preview is given of the upcoming season, featuring gorgeous destination dates, tears from Jillian, and plenty of infighting among the men – even real fisticuffs! It looks like it’s going to be must-see TV!

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