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The Fashion Show: Outerwear From Outer Space

May 21, 2009 10:24 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on The Fashion Show, Reco is fed up with people who clearly aren’t as good as he is at everything on the face of the earth. The designers are challenged to create a set of seasonal coats that have a unique element to them. After seeing the results,I can tell you with confidence that I wouldn’t becaught dead in any of these designs. A coat that turns into a sleeping bag, really?

Reco is pissed and wants to be moved out of his regular team since none of them can properly “execute.” Kelly and Isaac ask them all to get into teams for the Harper’s Challenge. Reco rolls his eyes so far that they almost fall out of his head. They are given garments with four damaged areas and have to fix them, so essentially this is a sewing challenge. They will do it relay style and have only 35 mins.

Isaac announces that Team Haven is definitely not the winner, but James-Paul’s team did win the challenge. Then they are told to decide on new head designers amongst themselves. Reco is voted by his group and instantly his hopeless sighs turn to “Hallelujahs.” Daniella and Lidia are also voted as head designers.

The teams are instructed to design outerwear for all four seasons and each coat must have a unique element that sets it apart. Could I cast my vote for a mini-fridge, because what could be better? Lidia has an idea for a raincoat with an umbrella attached to the hood. What?! Sounds eerily close to those umbrella hats that people wear to the beach if you ask me. Reco grows increasingly frustrated with Johnny R’s non-sewing skills.


Kelly and Isaac come in for their weekly counselling session, where they are rendered speechless at James-Paul’s idea of having a winter coat that turns into a sleeping bag. Personally, I think it sounds like the perfect solution for a homeless person living in inclement weather. We also find out that Markus is really OCD and he’s freaking out because someone spilled water.

The day of The Fashion Show, the usual panic ensues backstage. Daniella’s team is first and Keith’s satin coat has a skirt that detaches and becomes a blanket. Then Andrew’s spring coat unzips to turn into a rain coat, and Isaac loves it. Daniella thinks it’s a bunch of crap because he stole her idea. Anna does a sort of burlap looking coat that has a scarf and mittens hidden inside. If you ask me, which you didn’t, it looks like a glorified potato sack. Lastly, Daniella’s winter coat has ruffles on the sleeves that hold assorted things such as ipods and cell phones.


Lidia’s team is next and Angel’s coat has a zipper that actually ends up falling off. Lidia’s umbrella coat actually turned out okay, and Merlin designs something for the traveler with a detachable hood. Eh, since when is that inventive? James-Paul, of course, has the coat that turns into a sleeping bag, which looks absolutely ridiculous.

Lastly, Reco’s team is up. Johnny R’s coat has a shoe organizer on the back of the coat… are you kidding? Haven’s coat holds a mirror and hairspray. Markus’ coat has some kind of detachable hood that holds jewelry? Who is he making this for, street vendors? Reco designed some sort of snow suit with a cape that turned into a blanket of sorts. They clapped when they saw it, so Reco’s head got a little bit bigger, if possible.


At the judging, they announce that Daniella’s team is the winner, while Reco’s is the loser. Their two favorite coats were Anna’s and Andrew’s. When the models walk out, Daniella is fuming! Andrew is all smiles as they pat him on the back. As Daniella is smirking, Isaac asks her what’s up. She totally calls Andrew out and says she basically came up with the entire idea! The judges basically tell her that she needs to shut her mouth. Despite all the accusations, Andrew is declared the winner!

They basically tell Reco that they would have chosen his snowsuit as their favorite, had he not been on the losing team. Their least favorite coats are Haven’s and Markus’. Kelly tells Haven that her coat was described as a “hairdresser’s smock with Mickey ears.” Haven doesn’t really defend herself and Fern tells her she can’t be in the business without confidence. They tear apart Markus’ sewing skills.

Finally, with more drama than a Mexican soap opera, the music turns scary and they tell Markus that they “aren’t buying it.”

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