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Here Come The Newlyweds: Let The Awkwardness Begin

May 25, 2009 08:21 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight was theseason premiere of Here Come The Newlywedson ABC.The couples will settle into the newlywed mansion, get introduced to eachother, and participate in several fake conversations. They will be forced to give first impressions of the other couples, which immediately causes trouble. Keep reading for the rest of the night’s highlights…

Oh, the show starts off with cheerful classical music as the couples greet each other like good little suburban newlyweds. First they are going to work together for money to add to the pot, but against each other for safety from elimination. Their first challenge will determine how well they know each other.The host is going to ask the couples to use one card to describe their first impressions of the other couples. Yay! Time to offend everyone. They must match their partner’s answer.


Right off the bat, the Smith’s chose the McMorris’ as the couple that have been together the longest, but then instantly offend them by saying that it’s because they looked the oldest. Score! Then it comes to the sex question and he wants to know who they think has sex the least. When the Hinkins get singled out, they admit that they are Mormons and were virgins when they got married. However, they say that they don’t want to talk about it because it’s just between them. Okay, so now we know who the prudes are, which I think was the hidden agenda of that whole exercise.


Then they go on a trip to let out some aggression at the paintball field. They split up the teams elementary style -boys against girls- and they must capture the flag and bring it to their side. I mean, really, how is this challenge fair at all? The guys are talking strategy and shooting cover fire, meanwhile the girls are just hunched over on the ground trying to avoid welts.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, we learn that the Iengs met at a date auction when the husband purchased her for a night. It’s safe to say that every couple is scared of the Corliss’ because they look so bad ass. And I will say that my absolute favorite couple is the Iengs, who constantly make fun of their weight. As they were lying on the bed, making fun of how skinny everyone was, they had pillows covering their stomachs and said, “Seriously, haven’t these people ever heard of a hamburger?”


Next, for the immunity challenge, the men will be blindfolded and in their undies, while they use their wives instructions to find their clothes and get dressed. This basically further proves the fact that men don’t listen to women. It’s rather hilarious watching the guys try to find pants as their wife is saying stuff like “just jump over the bed.” The worst couple is the Newburys, and the winners are the Smiths.

Of course, Pat offers them $10k in exchange for their safety, and after much consideration they take it! All the couples chat over cocktails as they sit poolside. They exchange a bunch of fake conversation about how everyone is so cool and they don’t want to vote anybody out. Yea right, you know they want them outta there faster than they can say a half million dollars.


Pat takes each of the couples aside and asks them for who they want to vote out. He calls the three couples with the most votes: the Smiths (the ones who took the money) and the Oskowskis (the workout freaks). Big surprise, the Smiths are going home.

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