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The Bachelorette: Twenty Men Chase Jillian!

May 25, 2009 07:08 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC’s The Bachelorette, the guys move into the bunkhouse and the dates begin! In another twist, the men will vote for the man they most want to see go home! The show opens with Jillian lounging outside her mansion trying to digest the fact that twenty hopefuls are outside awaiting her attention. Chris tells the bachelors that there will be three dates – one individual date and two group dates. The catch is that not everyone will be going on a date this week,

The first eight guys for the group date, as chosen by Jillian, arrive at the Bachelorette mansion for pool party! Jillian, and viewers, gets to check out their bods! After playing volleyball, Jillian wanders off with Michael, with whom she feels she shares the same ‘energy’ (eye roll). She heads back to the pool deck alone and causes widespread disappointment by making off with the single rose. As the boys try and puzzle out if she’s gone to give the rose to Michael, host Chris Harrison appears and informs them that Jillian took off, and took the rose with her! Their challenge? To find her!

The bachelors are divided into two teams and sent out to find Jillian. Chris send them off with a warning that only one member of the winning team will get a date with The Bachelorette. Inside their cars, the guys fight, exclaim, and scream like girls as they try to find the clues on the map and navigate to find the flags. Jillian, meanwhile, is shopping for a necklace. She phones the guys in Mike’s car, causing him to become so excited he almost pees in his pants a little! Group one finds the first flag in the back of a restaurant where they have to put on tuxedos! The clue in one tuxedo pocket tells them to ‘lay it on the line’ – the line in the kitchen dummies! Eventually, they figure it all out and find the jewelers. The man inside says Jillian, predictably, has gone, but they are to chose one of four necklaces.


Jillian is waiting in a bank vault, where they will lock her in with one member of the winning team to have dinner with the pricey necklace! Wes and Brad are the first to find Jillian. She decides to have dinner with the attractive one – Wes! After the vault is closed, Wes wet pants reminds her he is still wearing his swimsuit underneath the tux. Jillian likes his Texas country charm, but quizzes him about his life as a touring musician. They do share a kiss. The other guys watch on a TV, and groan as she gives him the rose and says they’ll hang out in the house together tonight!

The bachelors back at the bunkhouse open the envelope to discover who gets the first one-on-one date – it’s Jake, the commercial pilot with the nice butt! Jake is ‘stoked’, and the other guys pump him up, advising Jake to just be himself. Jillian appears in a black fringed mini-dress and red cowboy boots – there is plenty of hooting and hollering as they take off in a purple old-school car, with Jillian letting down girls everywhere by declaring that of course she’s not a good driver – she’s a woman!


They hit a country and western store to suit up Jake for their night out. Jillian drools as he models various outfits with six-pack abs on display! Finally they head to The House of Blues – and have the place to themselves! Jillian dances on the bar, and slightly geeky Jake assures the camera he didn’t peek up her skirt. Oozing with desperation, Jake declares they could very possibly be soulmates! She says she has one more surprise for him – Martina McBride performs live for them! They dance their faces off! Jillian gives Jake a rose.

For the next group date on The Bachelorette, the chosen eight men are told to get ready to play ball. They head to the court to shoot some hoops. It’s a testosterone fest for all of the guys except Simon from England who is dismal at the sport! Soon, Jillian announces that they will be playing a game against her – and her friends – the Harlem Globetrotters! Total mockery of the ‘eight white guys’ ensues! The Globetrotters ultimately choose Dave as the best choice for Jillian. Down on the beach, Mike finally gets Jillian’s attention by – wait for it – taking another guy’s speedo and running into the ocean!


When Jillian meets the guys by the pool that evening, they do a shot, but Juan furtively pours his out and fakes it. Jillian goes off with him and Dave revs up the other guys over how much Juan bugs him! Jillian next takes Kiptyn away to spend time alone – he plays the sympathy card by admitting that he’s had his heartbroken in the past – it works – he gets a kiss! Jillian returns to the group and says that the one guy that deserves the rose is Mike – who took her joke and ran with it on the beach!

As the night goes on, Jillian has another encounter with foot fetishist Tanner P, and realizes that something’s off with him. He wins a murderous look from Sasha by telling Jillian that he has the ugliest feet in the house – they’re hairy! Jillian goes to talk to Jesse, and the other guys mix drinks. Robby makes a special cosmo for Jillian – they go to talk. Robby just starts talking about himself, when Wes comes in and pulls Jillian away! Robby reports back to the other men who get riled up about Wes’s transgression – he’s already got a rose! The catty bachelors are certain that Wes is only there to promote his music. Wes informs them all that he’s not slowing down just because he got a rose – he’s not kissing anyone’s ass – at all!

The Bachelorette host, Chris Harrison, comes in and tells the men that it’s not time for the rose ceremony yet – but they have to help Jillian find the perfect man – by voting one guy out! Wes, Mike, and Jake are excluded as they already have roses. The men struggle with the concept of picking on one of the other guys, and Reid gets a moment alone with Jillian. Juan interrupts, admitting that he’s nervous he’s getting some votes out there! Dave tells the camera that Juan has been breaking ‘man code’ left and right – it doesn’t go over well in a house with twenty guys! As they head out to the pool area, Brian shocks everyone by stripping nude and jumping into the pool! Back inside, Chris Harrison announces that the results of the guys’ vote are in – they want Juan to go home. Jillian can save him by giving him a rose – she does!

It’s now time for four guys to go home. Jillian says she had an incredible week and has the best bachelors ever! She has twelve roses and gives them to Jesse, Dave, Ed, Sasha, Mark, Michael, Tanner P, Kiptyn, Reid, Robby, Tanner F, and Brad. Going home are Brian, Simon, Julien, and Mathue, the adorable little cowboy.


Next week on The Bachelorette there are a series of interesting dates, including a fast drive with Sasha, a serenade by Wes, and a confrontation between Juan and Dave!

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