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Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood: Season Premiere Tonight

May 26, 2009 10:37 PM by Britteny Elrick


Alright, grab a glass of water and a protein bar because you’re going to need it. Since the last time we were hangingat theTori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywoodranch, alot has been happening. Tori‘s writing her second book Mommywood and expanding her empire to include baby clothing and jewelry lines, Dean is getting movie roles, and they’ve moved into their second dream house, with not only their two kids but also Dean’s son Jack. Phew. Now go take a nap and come back for the rest of the recap…

Tori Spelling is totally stressed with trying to multi-task selling their house, writing her book, being a full time mom, and expanding her “empire.” Dean, of course, doesn’t get it – he tries to convince her that some sex will make everything better. Dean says that he wishes he could be the main breadwinner, but at this time, Tori has to work for them to maintain their lifestyle.

Patsi, the baby nurse, moves in with them to help with the children. Tori constantly struggles with the fact that she’s missing out on too much of her kids’ lives by being a work-a-holic like her father. Although she may want to miss out on some of those moments, considering Liam is fastly approaching his terrible twos.


Tori and Dean are dealing with two mortgages right now because their house won’t sell. I mean, was the other mansion really that bad that they had to move in the middle of the economic crisis? Amidst the bad news, Dean tells Tori that he got the lead in a movie of the week. Unfortunately, it starts filming the week of their big move.

The couple spends the day at a Build-a-bear charity event, and then Tori records the audio version of her first book, sTORItelling. The next day, Dean is off to start filming and Tori is left to move in by herself. When Dean comes home, Tori and her friends have already set up several rooms and he’s impressed.


Then Tori spends some time speaking to the producers of the new 90210 about possibly coming back on the show. While Tori’s hard at work, Dean is at the racetrack with his new motorcycle getting some lessons. Tori is starting to get annoyed that the hobby is taking up so much of his time. Later that night, Tori talks with Dean and they agree they need to spend more quality time together. They both feel like they are too many things going on and they don’t want their kids to suffer.

As the couple lays in bed together with their kids, they make a pact to make more time for each other.


Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood airs on Oxygen onTuesdays at 10pm ET/PT.

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