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So You Think You Can Dance Auditions in Miami and Memphis

May 28, 2009 11:01 AM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance begins its second big night of auditions with a trip south to Miami for what will sure to be lots of salsa dancing, or at least eating by the judges. Last week in the first episode we got to see some familiar faces in Brandon Bryant and Natalie Reid, who were eliminated in Vegas week on the last day. If nothing else, having gone through the pressure of what Vegas Week is, we definitely look to see them go through this season barring some injury.

Mary and Nigel are joined by the ever-so-popular, Tyce Diorio, whose name I constantly have to look up to make sure I am getting it right, as they weed out the good from the bad in the spicy town of Miami. One thing is for sure about Tyce, the guy is never afraid to say what he feels.

As usual, we hit on the interesting both good and bad as the dancers zoom past us at a fairly rapid clip. We had to laugh at Tony a dancer who though it might be good to bring back the 80′s with his moves, even though he managed to fall, he got back up to insult us with more horrific dancing and even needed a medic after be booted out. The guy wouldn’t have lasted two seconds in Vegas.


A dancer, Priscilla Marrero, who Tyce said that because of her performance, he was glad to be a dancer, was immediately scooted off to Vegas as was Janette Manrara and Romulo Villaverde, who danced together last year, with only one making the cut last time out.

In what had to be one of the best lines of the night, we saw Twins Jennifer and Jessica Guadix do supposedly synchronized Hip-Hop dancing and when Nigel said that they had never had synchronized dancing on the show before, Mary dead-panned, “And we still haven’t.” Ahh, Mary, if she is not screaming, she is cracking us up.

In a couple of funny bits, Joseph Smith tried to “Shwizam” the judges, as he put it, and although he was humorous, which Nigel loved, he managed to get to choreography, where and was eventually was sent to Vegas. Poor Wislande Letang, on the other hand, was doing some sort of strip tease dance, we think, causing poor Tyce to divert his eyes. Mary was not sure what she was doing and Nigel said “that she was doing what little girls do when they start dancing”. Needless to say, while entertaining, I mean if you like that sort of thing, no way does she go to Vegas, although she might have fit in there.

Erik “Silky” Moore, goofy name and all, wowed the judges with his tap dancing style, although tap dancers have sometimes had a rough go of it in Vegas with other styles, he will get his shot at the big time in Sin City.

Geo Smith and Talia Rickards, both with interesting stories, Geo, in his feathers, who entertained enough to earn a trip to choreography, and Talia, who was still trying to get her life back after losing her husband in a motorcycle accident, managed to impressed two of the three judges enough to get her golden ticket. Geo managed to put away the feathers long enough to do so as well after a stint in choreography.

Memphis was the next stop for the SYTYCD crew as Lil C joined Nigel and Mary this time around as we got a look at a Police Officer who did “Memphis Juking,” which impressed the judges enough for his Golden Ticket.

Two bad dancers, bandana wearing Dustin Dorough, who said that his cousin was one of the Backstreet Boys, said he danced with him. Nigel called him, “Delusional,” and Dustin’s best defense was that he just got over the flu and Chris Carrozzo danced and was not even humorous in his badness as he was headed out the door before the judges even finished with him.


Caitlin Kinney is following in her sister Megan’s footsteps after she got a ticket to Vegas in Miami and Anna Dunn who turned to dancing after her father killed his self, danced well enough to get to choreography and then ended up with her ticket to Vegas. Perhaps the most touching part was when Lil C said that he wanted her to “Connect with her pain.”

Another tough guy’s son, Travis Prokop from Texico, New Mexico, whose dad coaches high school football, got a half-hearted approval from the judges with his dancing, made it to choreography and Evan Kasprzak, who made it to the last day of Vegas last year, danced well enough to earn a second trip to Sin City.

Twin week continued as another set of twin sisters, Lauren and Lydia Guerra, auditioned and, this time, Nigel had the witty comment when he said, “that, if the two of them were combined, they’d make a great dancer!” Even Nigel comes through for us from time to time. Eventually, the stronger twin, Lydia skirted through choreography for her Vegas shot.


Finally, Evan Kasprzak’s brother, Ryan, does an awesome tap dancing routine and seemed to be able to do a bit more than the standard tap routine as he said that he also choreographed his brother’s routine. Although Nigel wanted to see him dance a bit more, Lil C and Mary disagreed and sent him straight through to Vegas.

Thursday will see the final auditions in LA and Seattle as we get ready for the week of Vegas that everyone is excited about, until they actually get there.

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