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So You Think You Can Dance Ends Auditions In LA And Seattle

May 28, 2009 07:21 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance begins Episode Three in a new city as the auditions wrap up and we head for Vegas for what is the mother of all dance-offs starting next week. Like its big sister, American Idol, SYTYCD gives us a few of the many who actually make it to Vegas, but we get to see some interesting dancers along the way, some good and, well, many not so good. But as dancers go, percentage wise, there seems to be a much more thoughtful bunch who audition who can actually dance than Idol has who can sing.

The LA auditions always brings out the young dancers looking for fame and glory and it looks as if this season is no different. Adam Shankman joined Nigel and Mary in LA as a judge and As always, it seems like we have to see some real doozies to begin with like the bigger girl in tights and granny panties. Very excruciating to watch. Even a dancer doing a “Fairy medicine dance” (hey, you can’t even make this stuff up) had Nigel asking her “What are you on?” and that seemed to end the “A Golden Ticket is not in your future” dancers.

Finally we have a real dancer in Bianca Revels, who was cut last year on the last day of Vegas (seems to be a trend this year) She does a tap dancing routine that gets Mary up on her feet and she is headed back to Sin City to hopefully NOT be cut the last day.


Very close siblings, Xavier and Brynelle Blanton, who are always going everywhere together and holding hands have many thinking they are a couple. OK, just brother and sister, but still somewhat creepy but in the end they were disappointed for not continuing on.

Mary was entranced by Latin Ballroom dancers, Asuka Kondoh and Ricky Sun, and all of the judges agreed that, in spite of the riveting performance of Asuka, they would both be headed to Vegas.

In a rare moment, a very young dancer, Nathan Trasoras, made his way to the SYTYCD stage and blew away the judges with his dancing. Adam said he was “Pretty damn extraordinary” with a quick second by Mary. Nigel even calls his one of the “Best they have ever had on the program.” Unfortunately, Nathan is ineligible as he is only 17 years old and Nigel and Mary were so insistent that he be back for season six that they gave him a ticket to Vegas.


A Popper, Sammy Ramirez, did what all good Poppers do; they are awesome at Popping, but Adam, for one, hoped he could do something else. With a consensus reached, Sammy was headed to Choreography and an interesting story in Amanda Kirby had everyone moved.

Amanda’s dad has multiple sclerosis and she always wants to bring him joy with her dance. Nigel is enthralled with her beauty but Adam said that, while she seemed disconnected from the song, she definitely had feeling when she danced and Amanda was headed to Vegas.

A dancer from last season, Philip Chbeeb, who got ill before Vegas last season, got his Golden ticket just for coming back, I guess. This year, however, Philip brought a partner, Arielle Coker, whose mother had taught her and Philip partnering from a wheelchair. By the end of the routine, the judges had nothing but praise for them both and they were headed to Vegas together.


With the choreography hurriedly streamed by us, (who would love to see more of the choreography? Raise your hands now.) we learned that our Popper, Sammy was headed to Vegas as were Diana Vaden and Alexi Agdeppa who we briefly saw being sent to choreography.

Mia Michaels joined Nigel and Mary in Seattle as we were in for some very interesting performances. One thing we learned here in Seattle was that you are to show some respect for SYTYCD and at least make an attempt. We saw that in a performance from an aspiring tattoo artist named Nick “Nasty” Salzman. Really Nick? You want to go there with the name? What was even worse was when Mr. Nasty announced that he wasn’t overly concerned with going to Vegas but was mainly there for the ladies. Bad move Nick. Think of all of the ladies you could have found with a free trip to Vegas. Instead you were too busy pissing off Nigel. Tough break, pal.


Seattle was not being kind in the eyes of the judges but they hoped Kelsea Taylor would bring some much needed life back into the competition. After her performance, Nigel calls her “Zany and slightly crazy” but likes it and sends her to choreography, where she eventually advanced to Vegas with only two others joining her from day one.

Oh, dear Lord in heaven we can only hope for better performances in Seattle, but on the start of day two, it is not looking good at all. Some guy with a lot of vowels in his name left Mary hoping for something and sent him to choreography. Then we saw, for the forth time,David “Sex” Solher, who last year Nigel begged not to come back. But since Seattle was such a dud, we had to have some sheer entertainment value with old “Sex” So they had him in a dance-off with another dancer, Leonid Knyshov, who was as lackluster as they come as well.


We can only hope that Seattle is not on the roster next season because we are not sure we could handle another two days there. Heck the thirty or forty minutes we watched was bad enough, think what the judges had to endure.

Next week should pep up as we head to Vegas starting on Wednesday and continuing on Thursday.

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