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Here Come The Newlyweds: Butts And Bugs

June 01, 2009 08:57 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on ABC‘sHere Come The Newlywedsthe couples will endure more torturous challenges, including having tomanhandle their partners’ butts andalsogiant tropical bugs. You’ll have to ask them which task was worse. The lucky newlyweds will also receive a sex therapy session from Dr. Ruth, which is almost exactly the same as counselling with their grandmother.

The couples are mourning the loss of the Smiths… NOT. Pat comes in to give them their first challenge of the day, which is for the women to properly identify their husband’s butt. Each correctly identified set of buns wins them $10k in the pot. Mrs. McMorris was way to excited about the testing of the butts, and she grabs hold of them like she hasn’t had any action since the seventies.


Couples who guessed correctly were: Oskowskis, Iengs, Corlisses, Newberys, and the McMorrises. They have now won $165k. Later on that afternoon, sex therapist Dr. Ruth stops by the mansion. The Huffman’s nearly had a heart attack from the uncomfortableness, which is surprising considering they are the indie rocker couple. Then after some sex talk they head outside for a bbq. I mean, what could be better than sex and bbq?


That night, the couples talk in their rooms. The McMorrises are having an argument about who massages who more, the Coxes are farting at each other, and the Huffmans are still discussing the sex therapist. Let it go, people.

The next day, the couples are playing against each other for immunity and they must go into a fake kitchen and gather gigantic bugs, using only their hands, and transfer as many as they can to a jar. The Corlisses went first, however, the wife didn’t do anything but hold the door. I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty freaking nasty. Several of the bugs were getting it on, which was a nice reminder of the previous day’s sex discussion.


The Hinkins win the challenge and of course, they are tempted with $15k in exchange for their immunity. Don’t these people get it by now? If you want voted off, take the money idiots. They mull it over and decide not to take it. Later on, the couples attend another bbq (which actually comprises about 90% of their time on the show) and talk about how difficult it is to decide who should go home.

The couples awake on D-day and they each meet with Pat to deliver their votes. He calls the Corlisses and the Oskowskis forward, as they all had the most votes. As it turns out, the Oskowskis will be going home.


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