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The Bachelorette: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

June 01, 2009 07:00 PM by Candace Young


Sixteen men remain tonight in the search for love with Jillian Harris on ABC’s The Bachelorette. Chris Harrison greets the guys and tells them that there will be three individual dates and one group date – and if you don’t get a rose on the individual date, you go home. Ed is the first to head out on an individual date with Jillian – he’s scared – and the fear only gets worse…

Jillian waits for Ed on a ball field beside a yellow helicopter – typical date. Up in the air, Jillian snuggles up to ‘big, bulky, hunky’ Ed! She feels the chemistry, and since she’s almost on his lap – so does he. But how tough is Big Ed? Not so much, when they land on a rooftop of an extremely high skyscraper and she wants him to descend to the ground on a green cable! The same color of the cable – Ed gets in the harness and tries to act cool. I can’t even watch as they leave the edge of the roof and hang in mid-air on their descent. Back on ground level, Ed washes the sweat away with a dip in the pool – complete with a makeout session with the revved up Jillian!

Unfortunately for Ed, wacky Jillian insists on dining that evening back up on the roof of a skyscraper, and saying things like, “I popped your helicopter cherry.” Over dinner they dish about being workaholics and share a kiss with a camera zooming in on their lips. Boyish charm is abundant as Ed asks whether he’ll be getting a rose – and gets it! Back at the bunkhouse, the rest of the guys are getting a date card, which lists the names of 11 bachelors that will do the group date entitled, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. When was the last time you went on a date with a title?!


In the limo on the way to the group date destination, the guys struggle to maintain their machismo while on a date with 10 other men. Jillian takes them to a Hollywood set of an old western town and informs them that she expects them to act! The fellas don their giddy-up gear, and jealousy ensues. The script is sweet – for Jillian – who kisses everyone in it! The Mikes, however, are dismayed to find that they are the gay cowboys crushing on one a la Brokeback Mountain! During the playacting, the boys amuse themselves by making fun of the sisterly kiss Brad gives Jillian – not even moving his lips! Robby the Bartender very modestly gives his kiss with Jillian a 50 on a scale of one to ten, while Wes insists privately to The Bachelorette that it’s time to weed these other guys out!

Jillian takes the guys to a wrap party at – wait for it – a rooftop bar. During the evening, she sits with Reid, who goes in for a kiss and astoundingly is once again interrupted by Juan! A somewhat slick Juan thanks her for saving him the other night after the other guys voted against him. When Juan’s number one enemy, David, gets wind of all this, he indulges in an expletive-laced tirade back at the bunkhouse. David’s rant becomes a pout when Sasha gets the next individual date. Meanwhile, back at the wrap party, Tanner P grosses everyone out in the mega hot tub by making a full-out play for Jillian’s feet! Robby the bartender gets the night’s rose!


Sasha is ‘pumped up’ for his date with Jillian – and is even more so when she appears wearing a teeny tiny denim romper and yellow stilettos! She takes him to a car museum, where, not surprisingly, they end up on the roof of the garage. She squeals that they get to take a spin in a Ferrari! Sasha drives like a maniac, then later, destroys his new street cred by saying everything went as ‘smooth as silk’. At dinner, Jillian is amazed when Sasha admits he narrowly survived being thrown from a truck and getting crushed!

As Sasha and Jillian get to know one another better, Wes is entertaining with more guitar and singing back at the bunkhouse. The other guys yawn, roll their eyes, and make leading statements about Jillian knowing who is here to impress her, and who is there to impress America! Meanwhile, Jillian jumps on Sasha’s admission that he has never had his heart broken as a good reason not to give him a rose. Although devastated at having to hurt him, she puts him on the first bus out of town! Really! The bunkhouse boys are rowdily celebratory when they find out Sasha’s a goner, except for Wes, who pulls the stalker routine and heads over to serenade Jillian with the new, recording-ready song he just wrote for her! Soon, she’s beside him and he plays it again, Sam!

It’s cocktail party time! Jillian makes her entrance in a silver strapless gown – drink firmly in hand. Complainer David, who initially got a first impression rose, finally gets a minute alone with Jillian, which he uses to complain. Really. In the middle of their conversation, Interrupting Juan, well, interrupts. David rushes back inside to, well, complain. The other men side with David and they do a manly round of shots! Outside, Tanner P laments his lack of skills, except for the obvious toe-sucking talent. Jillian pushes the point by sticking her feet in his lap. Inside, Complainer David’s temper escalates dangerously when Interrupting Juan butts into a conversation. A confrontation ensues in which Juan gets called a “Cheese Ass”.


Oblivious to the drama going on, Jillian makes out with Kiptyn in the garden. Chris Harrison calls everyone inside – it’s time for the rose ceremony. In the other room, Jillian tells Chris that things are changing and getting more serious after she kicked Sasha to the curb. Chris says she has to send two home tonight.

Jillian has eleven roses. She gives them to Jake, Reid, Mark, Jesse, Tanner P, Wes, Juan, Michael, Kiptyn, Mike, and the final one goes to David. Brad and Tanner F are out of there!

Next week on The Bachelorette, the thirteen remaining men visit Jillian Harris’s hometown!

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