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Tori And Dean Home Sweet Hollywood: Guncles To The Rescue

June 02, 2009 08:23 PM by Britteny Elrick


Let’s just say that when you’re spoiled Hollywood royalty and your nanny is out of commission, all hell breaks loose.Your dog Chiquitaspews diarrhea all over your kid’s bedroom, you burn the baby food that you’re trying to make from scratch, and your husband gets sick, which forces you to attend the Mother Goose Parade all by yourself. What else could possible happen tonight on Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood?

Liam and Tori go to visit Dean at the set, where Liam runs right in the middle of him filming a scene. DuringDean’s break, they discuss nanny Patsi’s back issues as she is completely bed-ridden right now. When Tori gets home, she tries to manage taking care of the kids full time, finishing her second book, and about five hundred other things.


FYI: the house still hasn’t gotten any bites, which is a continual source of stress for the couple. Really? I can’t imagine that no one is interested intaking an extremely over-sized, overpriced mansion off their hands right now. On Dean’s day off, he hits the racetrack, where he has yet another hot, young, female instructor (anyone remember the scuba incident of last season?) Tori decides to go watch Dean race his bike, and instantly notices the female rider. After they meet, Tori is a bit more at ease… of course, she’s still on edge over the fact that he’s risking his life over his hobby. All of the sudden, someone announces that the crash truck is taking someone away…

[insert: dramatic commercial break]


Nope. You guessed it. It wasn’t Dean- crisis averted. If it had been, we probably would have reported that six months ago. Later on, Tori meets with someone to go over samples for her children’s clothing line. Then she takes Patsi to a nutritionist to get a weight-loss assessment. Poor Patsi has lost three children in the last two years! Unfortunately, she turned to food during the mourning process and is now trying to reverse it.


The next morning, Tori is getting ready to be the Grand Marshall at the Mother Goose Parade (whatever that means) in San Diego, but Dean and Liam are sick so they are staying home. She’s very nervous about going to an event and having to socialize without her hubby. Hello, how many years have you been doing this?

Just as Tori is about to leave, she discovers their dog, Chiquita, had diarrhea all over Liam’s room. He’s pissed and says that the dog might not last until they get back. So it’s a girls weekend with Patsi, Stella, and Tori. Tori’s still nervous as she gets ready to walk the red carpet alone for the FIRST time. Now that is just ridiculous.


As Tori walks down the stairs, she gets a call from the “Guncles,” Stella and Liam’s gay uncles Bill and Scout. They tell her she looks ravishing and in a very My Best Friend’s Wedding moment, she turns the corner and there they are. Oh yay, no scary social moment for Tori. By they way, Dean had called the Guncles earlier and told them that Tori needed support. And now for the collective “awww.” Tori and the Guncles chat a bit, have a sip of champagne, and then realize they are old so they go to bed.


Tori’s running late, but she arrives at the parade and does the red carpet anyway. Then her and the Guncles hope on the float and ride off into the sunset, although they kept announcing that Tori and Dean were there. As Tori notices random people standing on rooftops watching the parade, she immediately assumes she’ll be assassinated JFK style.

After Tori gets back home safe and sound, Dean surprises her by saying they have an offer on the house. They hug in celebration, and Dean tells Tori that she has a comfy boobie.

Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood airs on Oxygen onTuesdays at 10pm ET/PT.

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