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So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 Chosen

June 04, 2009 07:56 PM by DA Southern


So You Think You Can Dance gives us the Top 20 tonight but starting next week, all of the hard working kids with fast texting fingers will start to whittle down the Top 20 dancers in fairly quick order. Unlike Idol, the judges on SYTYCD get a voice fairly late into the season because we commoners can’t recognize the nuances of dance technique. You see if it was left up to us, we would just vote the girl and boy dancers who wore the skimpiest outfits to go on to the next week. Wait, is that just me? My bad!

So, here we are finally at the Top 20 and if you got attached to any dancers you though had a chance this season, they are probably gone after the grueling Vegas week.

We get into the keepers and those who are going on as we began to see the Top 20 taking shape as our first couple of dancers Janette Manrara and Vitolio Jeune made it through to the Big Show starting next week as did Kayla Rodomski.


A guy named Koponokduioefmpsdg,.OK, I’ll spell it right later, (even the judges were struggling his name) with crazy hair, even though he shaved his head during Vegas Week, made the Top 20 along with Paris Torres, Jeanine Mason, Ade Obayomi, Karla Garcia, and Jonathan Platero. Quite frankly, as quickly as these dancers were being announced as Top 20 folks, I could hardly remembered them.

But with that being said, dear old Brandon Bryant who was quite controversial and sparked quite a little tirade between Mia and Mary, was called cocky, among other things, slipped into the Top 20 hoping to change Mia’s mind about him when they worked together. Now that will be great TV,Mia against Brandon. My money is so on Mia.


Tony Bellissimo whose brother is in Afganistan, made the Top 20 even though Nigel gave him the old “Your technique basically sucks but maybe you won’t so much if we can work with you.” OK, that wasn’t an exact quote, but it was what he meant.

The next group to make it to the Top 20 was Maksim Kapitannikov, Caitlin Kinney, Melissa Sandvig, and Jason Glover with the usual amount of drama trying to be acted out by the judges to make the dancers want to have to change their shorts later.

Poor Ashley Valerio who has given it the ‘ole college try for four years and finally broke the Top 20 and pretty blond, Randi Evans slipped in as well, filling the blond quotient for the season, we believe.


In a disappointing piece of news, Alex Wong, who is under contract with Miami City Ballet, was all set to go to the Top 20, but was not going to be let out of his contract even though Nigel probably begged real pretty like. Alex was a mess and will definitely be in the doghouse when he gets back to Miami.

Four more poor slugs are released and we didn’t even know them, so why even bother, I wonder, as we saw Phillip Chbeeb find his way into the Top 20 setting us up for the final two girls and the brothers vying for the final two spots. Since one of the last two girls is a blond, and we already have the blond quotient filled, Asuka Kondoh makes it into the Top 20 and of the brothers, younger brother Evan advances, perhaps on the strength of his brother’s choreography, according to Nigel.


With the FOX producers being unduly coy about showing us too much of these dancers, suffice it to say it looks like a strong group. Just making it through Vegas is certainly a badge of honor, but the Top 20 should guarantee us a great season.

Again the girls are:

Asuka Kondoh

Ashley Valerio

Caitlin Kinney

Janette Manrara

Jeanine Mason

Karla Garcia

Kayla Rodomski

Melissa Sandvig

Paris Torres

Randi Evans

And the top 10 boys are:

Ade Obayomi

Brandon Bryant

Evan Kasprzak

Jason Glover

Jonathan Platero

Kuponohi’ipoi Aweau

Maksim Kapitannikov

Phillip Chbeeb

Tony Bellissimo

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Photo courtesy of Fox Broadcasting

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