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The Fashion Show: Make My Hips Look Smaller

June 04, 2009 08:49 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on The Fashion Show,the designers might be faced with one of theirtoughest challenges yet: designing for real women. Gasp! You mean, they will need more than two inches of fabric to design an entire outfit? That’s correct. On top of that, they will each have a woman with a different body issue that she wants accentuated or hidden. Find out which contestant can’t design for the real world…

Reco is pissed that Lidia didn’t go home instead of Andrew – not only because he thought her design sucked, but because he thought Andrew was cute. They announce the Harper’s Bazaar mini-challenge, in which they will have to look at a dress and then recreate a sketch only from memory. They bring out a dress, the designers study it, and then he tells them that it’s actually Kelly’s dress they need to recreate. Oh snap!


When Kelly walks back in the room, there are gasps of horror as the designers realize how far off they are. Johnny R, Daniella, and Lidia are the top three. Daniella wins the challenge and she gets to place one of her fellow designers in the bottom three come elimination. Oh, it’s a little too early yet for fireworks, but there were definitely sparks.

Now it’s time for their elimination challenge, and the designers are paired up with “real women” for whom they will have to design a piece of clothing that will help accentuate her good areas and disguise her flaws. Their budget is $200 and they have one hour to prep. Many of the designers are having a hard time getting the women to open up about what they want. Haven, in particular, has a girl with a 45″ butt – so she is freaking out.


When Kelly and Isaac come in for their weekly checkup, they are a little bit worried about Daniella, who is struggling with making a size 16. Isaac calls her a “sizist.” They also think Merlin is strange for doing an evening outfit in tweed, considering he normally goes very glam. Later, the models come in and try on their outfits, but many of them aren’t happy with the looks.


The day of The Fashion Show, Merlin discovers that his skirt is way too tight, and Angel’s hem isn’t finished. Keith’s model is first and he was to accentuate the bust and curves. Next, Johnny R’s dress was supposed to create an hourglass figure while minimizing the hips. Anna was to create a slimming look that lengthened. Daniella ended up being happy with her dress as it appeared to slice ten pounds off her model.

Haven tried to create a sexy look for her big-butted girl. Lidia was designing to detract from long arms (although the dress was sleeveless?). Merlin was supposed to hide a big bust but the skirt was so tight it was dreadful, and not to mention the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Angel ended up with a dress that was far from her original design and looked terrible. Lastly, Reco’s dress was amazing and definitely did what he was supposed to.


At the judging, Isaac says that he’s not sure the designers understood the point of the challenge. Ouch. The top audience picks were: Daniella’s and Reco’s. Daniella wins the challenge and her design will be sold by Bravo. Then Isaac asks her who she wants to put in the bottom three as a result of winning the mini-challenge. She chooses Angel. The judges add Keith and Merlin’s outfits to the bottom.


The audience remarks about the outfits were pretty harsh. 80% said they wouldn’t buy Merlin’s dress. They thought Keith’s was nothing better than a second rate prom dress, and they just despised Angle’s droopy-safey-pinned mess. So who had the biggest travesty of them all?

Keith. Your outfit sucked. Buh-bye.

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